The Small Battle

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Nothing but the house settling could be heard. Elise stared triumphantly at her sons.

The stared awestruck at her.

"N—no...." Jimin crept out

"You could've just left us there to die then!" Hoseok screamed and with a constant flick of his wrist fire began to spew from him, flailing directly at Elise.

Her hand wafted in a fast motion and in a second not only did Hoseok get flung into a wall but his fire was redirected at him as well.

Jungkook instantly ran over to his brother and threw up a hand. A forcefield appeared and the fire sizzled against it.

"This is how we will end things Mm?" Elise wondered, "I may have come to love you seven, but I will not let all of my hard work go. Your essence, along with Ara's, will be my savior. Your ending will be my beginning. You will live on, through me."

She got into a fighting stance and grinned as he scanned the room.

"None of you will make it out. But I will damn sure enjoy seeing you try." She smiled

Taehyung's eyes filled with blackness, Yoongi and Jin's followed.


"Jimin," Namjoon said in a deep, stern tone. His eyes already filled with darkness, "You're either with us or against us."

Jimin held his tongue and only allowed his eyes to fill with blackness.

The five remaining brothers who stood, and the two who were now raising slowly to their feet, got into their fighting stances.

"Trust Namjoon," Yoongi spoke

With a follow of agreements, all seven of them charged her as she laughed.


"You are a sick person you know?" Felix shouted as they reached the end of the sewer

"I'm sick? Me?" You question

"I must admit, that was gross of you." Ella says as she fidgets with her body in her arms.

"Yeah Ara... bad representation in my mind right now." Seena says

"B—bad representation... it was a joke! I'm hungry!" You pout

"Saying that you wish the sewer was clean so that you could make soup is not a joke! It's disgusting!" Felix says

"We've been walking forever. I want food." You say

"Well worry not, we've arrived." Ella says

"God, you having a deep voice is still bothersome to me." Felix says

"How do you think I feel? I have a member dangling between my legs right now. I have to pee and I'm not even sure how to do so!" Ella rants as she pushes the wall with her shoulder

"I can teach you—" Felix stops as the wall begins to split apart revealing a room of white.

"Woah...where are we?" Seena wonders as Ella steps up on the ledge and ushers you all to follow.

"We are at the safe house. Now, you three may go upstairs and get comfortable, I'm going to work on switching our bodies." Ella says as she places Michael on the medical table in front of you.

"This is wild..." you spin slowly as your poop filled shoes step all over her tile

"On second thought, I have four bathrooms down here, go shower and then you can walk upstairs."

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