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"Who the hell are you?" Dario asked leaning on the kitchen door way

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"Who the hell are you?" Dario asked leaning on the kitchen door way

"Who are you" Jung fired back

"I asked first" Dario glared

"I asked better" Jung challenged with a glare of his own

Immature boys

"Im Julian, sir" Julian said with a flirtatious smile

"Okay, Julian. Since your friend here is too busy being an immature  asshole, why are you here?" Dario said walking closer

"My main hoe hooked me up," Julian said winking at me

Main hoe how nice

"Why are you here and who are you?" Jung said grabbing his gun and aiming it at Dario who also pulled out his gun

"Put the gun down, little boy" Dario sneered turning the safety off on the gun which caused Jung to do the same

Julian then also pulled out his gun, which wasn't loaded.

Thank god he's good looking

"Put the damn guns do-" I started put got cut off by two voices

"Shut up, Gaia" for two men holding guns at each other they seem liked they'd be best friends

"How the hell do you know her name" Dario Said throwing daggers at Jung who smirked

"I'm her fiancé" Jung said smirking at Dario who clenched his fist around the gun

Julian who now walked off and stood besides me eating M&ms from the glass bowl watching the show was laughing at the two.

"Her getting married" Dario laughed still holding the gun

"Did she also finally grow her 10 year old boobs?" Dario said laughing even harder

"Shoot him!" I yelled glaring at Darios back

"I happen to love her small boobs" Jung snorted Cocking his gun

"I love her flat tittes more" Dario said doing the same

They can all die.

"Wanna go fuck while they fight?" Julian asked from beside me

I mean... "sure" I shrugged Julian grabbed my hand and walked past the two men who were still talking about my boobs

As we walked up the stairs two voices stopped us "where the hell are you two going?" Jung asked turning his head to look our way but still aiming his gun at Dario who did the same

"Her bedroom" Julian shrugged as he went to pull me up the stairs

In less than a second two guns were drawn on us

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