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The brothers were shocked to see their sister in the house who was with their brother all day

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The brothers were shocked to see their sister in the house who was with their brother all day

"See I told you shes here" Ally whined

"I am? I thought I was dead" she scoffs as she crosses her arms

"What-t are you doing here" Ares ask in shock

"Father called me" she spits out as if the word father was venomous


Does this bitch ever stop yelling Gaia thought

"Do you think I want him to be my father Barbie I didnt even want to come home i have a whole damn life which is more successful them all of yours combined" Gaia smugly grins

"Dont worry though I will be staying at my own house tonight now you wont have to worry about me killing you I your sleep" she says with a smile that's anything but sweet

"Why did Dad call you, he doesn't even care about you" Ero grits out in pure anger

The brothers didnt feel any regret or remorse for the things they were saying about her. She was a monster who didnt deserve love, they hated that she killed their stepmother who they somehow loved

Maybe it was because she was sweet to them and treated them like her own or maybe they were also manipulated but they hated her for killing her own family

"Why dont you ask the old hag yourself Μικρή σκύλα" she said with her heavy Greek accent
(T/N; Little bitch)

"Children dinner" Maria's soothing voice called from the kitchen

This is going to be fun Gaia thought

They walked into the kitchen Atlas being the first there
Gaia knew only the Man of the family sits at the head of the table

So she sat there.

"You're not supposed to sit there" Atlas gently whispered not wanting his sister to get in trouble

"I know" she whispered back making him smile

"That's where My Daddy sits" Ally smugly says as if she has some sort if power over Gaia

"First of all stop saying daddy you are 20 years old its fucking disgusting and second of all I dont give a shit" Gaia said already annoyed

"Why cant I say daddy" she "innocently" said

"Because all I can picture is you fucking him"

All of the brothers silently agreed it was disturbing hearing their 20 year old sister calling him daddy.

"No one thinks that" she shrieks

"I do" Atlas mumbles out to which Gaia laughs

"Whatever By they way Atlas is staying with me tonight" Gaia announces

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