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I just wanna clarify, there will be no pregnancies or anything like that in this book.

"What the fuck happened to you?!" I ask looking at the jagged edges that resemble a knife

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"What the fuck happened to you?!" I ask looking at the jagged edges that resemble a knife

"Well I'm fucking this bitch right?"

I nod

"And then she was like 'I wanna try something' and I'm like sure why not. BIGGEST fucking mistake. Next thing I know I'm blindfolded and there's a knife in my chest." He groans holding his stab wound

"Should've known to never trust a girl named sara." He says shaking his head

"Like what the fucks your problem? You still mad your parents forgot the 'H' in your name?" He rambles

"Can stitch you up now? I rather you not pass out on my floor" I grunt walking Into the bathroom

"Awe, you care about me?" Dario says

"No. I care about the floor and carpet, you are currently bleeding on" I answer to which he rolls his eyes at

"So you're saying I'm bleeding on flat surfaces?" He laughs


"As flat as your chest, would you say?" He says laughing harder

"You can bleed out" small tittes matter

"I hope that bitch hit something important" I grunt walking into my closet to change while he fixes his own wound

This bitch has the audacity to come over to my house and bleed everywhere just to insult my tittes

"Grab this shit from me!" Dario yells

"Fuck you!" I yell in reply

"I bet you would, slut" I hate this man

"I'm fucking serious. I don't wanna hold my bloody cloth" he grunts

Is this man scared of his own blood? What a fucking pussy.

"Go fuck yourself. If you are bleeding that much then go to the damn hospital." I don't know why he came here if hes te on patching himself up. He could've done this at home.

"I'm not going to a fucking hospital. Are you insane? I'm not spending 1,700 euros for this shit" he grunts

"You're a damn trillionaire and you won't spend 1,700?"I question

"No!" And he's afraid of hospitals. Joy.

"Can you just patch me up? No more lack of boobie jokes" he says muffling his laughter

"I wish I could go back to the day we met" I sigh shaking my head as I walk back over to him and take the cloth from him and throw it into the sink

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