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I've never known the true meaning of family

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I've never known the true meaning of family. Family means being supported and being loved but I never felt that. My father called me an abomination because I "killed" my stepmother.

I was always oblivious towards the world, I was neglected as a child–being the only girl–my father only paid attention to my brothers whole I was raised by my mom that was until she fell pregnant with my youngest brother. She then ran away because my father cheated and neglected her, she was always a kind person she baked cookies before my brothers got home so they could have fresh cookies after a long day.

It wasnt the first time my father cheated, one year before I was born my father slept with Bianca, she fell pregnant with Ally who is one year older than me.

My mom stayed because she loved my brothers and me and she didn't want a broken family but when Atlas turned 4 and left in the middle of the night because my father started dating Bianca and it hurt my mother too much.

I hate her for leaving but I understood.

Bianca was a witch, so was Ally. I know Ally killed her mother, how you may ask? I walked into the kitchen where Ally stood with a bloody knife.

As I said I was naive and willing to do anything for love.

So she told me to do a favor and hold the knife. She said that if I did everyone would love me.

As soon as I held the knife she started crying, alarming everyone. They stormed into the kitchen and saw me standing over her body and automatically blamed it on me. I dont blame them I was holding a bloody knife. I tried telling them it wasnt me but who would kill their own mother?

Everyone agreed to send me away, they said I was a monster and how I was heartless. The only brother who didnt agree was Atlas. The only reason he didnt agree was because he didnt understand what was happening. A part of me was happy he didnt, he was the only one who talked to me. The other part was scared because I knew I was leaving and wouldn't see him and I would be leaving him with Ally–who was manipulative and disloyal–He was always a bright and happy child, I didnt want him to end up like me.

Unloved and alone.

When I left he cried while the others glared at me with hatred clouding their eyes. My father didnt even show up to say goodbye, that's when I knew It would never be the same.

The boarding school for the troubled wasnt like a normal one. The people who worked there were real monsters. They reminded us everyday that we were unloved and unwanted.

I met my only friends there when I tried to kill myself. They were walking by my dorm room and me through my open door–because open door policy–that day they saved me.

I haven't heard from my family in 10 years. I'm now 19 and technically dont need a guardian.

I left the boarding school as soon as I turned 18 so did my friends. I started working for this guy named Ajax. Apparently he knew my mom when they were in high school, whenever he talks about her he has this look in his eye. It isn't evil or hatred, it almost looks like love or something like that. Anyways he was the Greek mafia leader.

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