Chapter 1

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His smoldering gaze locked on mine, peering into my soul. I couldn’t stop myself. I kept staring. He is perfect, but dangerous and I needed to stay away. Far, far away. But it was so easy to be drawn in.

He lent forward, not that he could get much closer, considering how tight we clung to one another. He is dangerous, I reminded myself. He moved until I felt his breath brush my lower lip. Is dangerous, goosebumps coated my arms with his proximity. Dangerous, his lips met mine.

I tried to resist. I really, really did try. But I care for this man – if you can call him that – in a really messed up way. I attempted to pull away but his hand tangled with my hair, anchoring me to him. How could I care for someone like him?

How could I possibly care for my kidnapper?

2 weeks before

I love waking up in the morning to sunlight. I adore watching it filter through my curtains, dancing and throwing patterns on the wall. It’s such an exciting way to wake up.

This morning though, it wasn’t.

I woke and smiled, feeling the warmness on my face. I felt it colour my cheeks pink and make my eyelids turn red.

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself,” a smug, unfamiliar voice sounded. I opened my eyes, startled, and they darted around the room, looking for the intruder. A figure stepped forward. A big, male figure. I screamed.

“Shhh! There’s no point! Your parents are out.” It took me a little while for my cloudy mind to register what he said, but when he did, the cogs turned. My parents were overseas for the weekend. They own this big, important company that sells things or something. I’m not really sure. I don’t stop and ask for details about the thing that my parents care for more than me.

“Who are you?” I wasn’t surprised that my voice came out strong. It’s not that I was used to having strangers in my rooms, but I wasn’t particularly scared of much. “Why are you here?”   

He stepped forward again, out of the shadows. The light struck his face, highlighting his features. His black hair fell forward over his green eyes. I’d always loved green eyes and my fingers itched for my sketchbook. His rosy mouth turned up at the corners. “I, my inquisitive lady, am Alec, and I have orders to drag you kicking and screaming with me.”

I jumped out of bed. “Okay, just give me a sec to get dressed.” I pulled out my clothes.

“Dressed? Hang on, seriously? You are going to just give yourself to me? Like that? Without a fight?” I nodded and he pouted. “Where’s the fun in that?” I laughed heartily. If I fought, he would overpower me. I scanned his bulging muscles before looking down at my scrawny, lack of muscle.

“Get out for a minute. Please.”

“Oh, I get it. You told me that so that you could escape without raising suspicion right?” He looked around for any escape routes.

“Fine. Don’t leave.” I lifted my shirt over my head, my breasts bouncing free. I don’t sleep with a bra. Glancing at Alec, I saw his mouth drop, and could tell that he didn’t usually get stunned. “Never seen anyone’s boobs before?” I teased and turned towards him, showing off my naked chest.

“Never any so… perfect.” I laughed and winked. Slowly dropping my shorts and revealing the panties that I had slept in. “Um, excuse me.”  He turned to leave, but not before giving me one last appreciative glance.

“Where are you going?” I said before he could walk away. I was being playful but I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was a virgin. But something about him just made me want to jump on him and do… things.

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