With only six months training Lucas and his team were deployed. With Selena as his second in command, the Southerner, he began in the gray light of dawn.   Behind him the tight cluster of elves moved silently, they were to stop at the stables where horses and provisions would be waiting for them. Then proceed to the front line, there had yet to be a major conflict. But the latest messenger claimed an attack was imminent. Sliding softly the stable door admitted the group into a warm, straw filled room. Quiet snorts and heavy breaths sounded around the band, indicating the presence of horse.

Lucas gave a slow smile as he selected his steed with practiced ease. He remembered when he asked Trisha if ‘that was a horse.’ How sheltered he had been, though not perhaps innocent.  Then as his thoughts turned to his wife Lucas’s smile faded, he was officially leaving her. The safety of the Academy was about to disappear behind him as he left for battle. Without even a chance to say goodbye he was risking his life for a county that used him. Foul mood rising Lucas mounted the great black charger he had been standing by. Around him other elves bounded into their respective saddles. Lucas scanned the group, most horses were dark hidden in the gloom. But Selena was seated on a silver horse with long legs and a sculpted head. He shook his head disapprovingly but said nothing; sure that she had her reasons.

With memories of his family and musings on his past life Lucas led the way out onto the frost covered grass. He looked around him once more then turned to face their path. In a quiet, yet determined voice, he gave his order.

“Let’s go.”

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