Trisha led him to a small grove of trees outside the village, they were devoid of all elven life. Lucas looked around appreciativly, the golden sunlight illuminated the small green area and for a moment he could imagine a different reason Trisha for which would have brought him. A reason that did not involve the revelation of the burden he had carried for so many years. But that was the reason, so when the two entered the wooden circle Trisha released him then stood silent waiting for an answer.

Lucas scratched the back of his head looking around trying to think of a good way to approach the subject. "It was not X that killed the village, it was an entity. It called itself Istrali." Lucas glanced at Trisha from the corner of his eyes gauging her reaction. She had turned pale, eyes wide Trisha turned her gaze to the sky. "I killed him, I was to one who ran him through, and he wasn't guilty?!?!" Lucas turned to her holding his hands up trying to calm her. "No Trisha, it wasn't him anymore! Please calm yourself!"

Lucas gripped her slim wrists, holding them against his chest. "Trisha, Trisha please." Slowly she slowed her efforts to escape his grasp and leaned into him. Her slim body, corded with muscles, relaxed against Lucas's broad chest. Her midnight black hair spilled over her shoulders in waves, Lucas admired it as Trisha normally tied it. Her eyes were glazed with tears, but beneath they remained the same beautiful green. He loved Trisha for the past two years, ever since he had seen her destroy another elf in a duel. Her skills were amazing, a top guardian and doctor Trisha was a well known elf one who was often looked up to. Luacs dipped his head, pressing his nose into Trisha's silky hair.

Her hair smelled like cherries, deep and rich and wild. Lucas inhaled deeply smiling to himself, then he remembered why Trisha had lead him to this secluded grove. As the memory resurfaced Lucas slid down to the ground, Trisha remained standing her eyes closed, face serene. "Lucas," her voice was slow and intentional, "How did you know about this Istrali." Lucas looked at here sadly, she was trying to distance herself the situation. A protective mechanism he had only seen her use once before, when she was informed of her parent's deaths.

"I made a mistake Trish." She gasped quietly, "Trish, I was angry. I had been cast out of the village. I didn't know what would happen. Please Trisha," Lucas measured the cold expression on Trisha's face and felt his soul begin to crumple, "please forgive me." She did not move, only inhaled slowly as she contemplated his words. Lucas collapsed against the dirt, knowing it would be a miracle if she forgave him for the magic. And he hadn't even confessed to the murders.

The sun was fading slowly, shadows spreading across the dust. Neither Lucas nor Trisha moved as the night approached. Lucas traced his fingers through the dirt, drawing symbols. Symbols of fortitude, endurance, and love soon graced the ever darkening dirt. Lucas didn't look up to see Trisha watching him, he didn't see the softening in her gaze, and he didn't see her as she reached for his shoulder. He felt her, he felt the soft touch of her hand against his shoulder, the cool breath on his ear.

He shuddered as she kneeled to embrace him, guilt flooded through his body tensing his muscles. "Don't touch me Trisha, I don't deserve it." She didn't pull back, "You didn't know Lucas, that can be forgiven."

"That is all I ask for Trisha, your forgivness. But I cannot continue to ask for your affection. I'm not worth it."

"Why Lucas? What have you done that is so unforgivable?"

"Ask me Trisha, ask me why I was banished. Ask me why I was angry. Ask me why I made Istrali."

She looked down at him with wide eyes, a vulnerability showing through that he had never seen before. "I won't ask Lucas, I don't want to know. Don't tell me, I order you." Lucas stood slowly, looking into Trisha's eyes. He smiled gently, the way he used to smile at her, "You're being silly Trisha, where is your strength?" Her gaze flashed as she looked back at him, "Do not say it Lucas, I beg you." He shook his head, "I'm sorry Trisha."

A single silver tear dripped down Trisha's cheek, falling from her chin as the sun fell below the horizan. "No Lucas, now we must return. The light has faded." Without waiting for his reply Trisha turned and began to walk away, Lucas stared after her and called out. "I killed, innocents died by my hand. By blade, by fire, by magic."

Trisha stopped, then ran. Lucas followed her with his eyes, pupils widening as he attempted to capture and use the last few rays of light. Her retreating figure moved fast, faster than he could believe. She was holding nothing back, he realized, she ran moving as quickly as she could. Lucas began to follow, dragging his feet through the dust. Sure that when he returned to the Academy he would be arrested, probably killed. But something kept him waking, pulling him forward. He knew what it was, Trisha. She may hate him now, she probably hated him now. But he could not hate her, he could not turn off his emoions, his affections

So he walked, coming ever closer to his doom. The Academy.


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