Grunting Lucas lowered himself on the small hard bunk carefully. His sore muscles screaming at him as he balanced his weight over the edge of his bed. Sighing in relief as he lay down Lucas tried to ease the tension in his limbs. He had just spent all day going through exercises again and again meant to create muscle memory of each maneuver. Around him several other men were also attempting to get into their bunks. Though by the sounds of pain they were having a worse time than he was.

Despite his lack of experience upon his arrival Lucas was put into training to become a guardian. After the interrogation of couse. Lucas closed his eyes remembering the experience all too vividly.

He had recuperated in the cart ride for the first part of their trip to the academy discussing various topics with Trisha, and occasionally Gen. Later, as his wounds healed, he walked beside them. The general mood of the trip was that of amiability, and friendship. But everything changed once they arrived at the academy.

Lucas had been gazing around him in awe, he had lived his entire life in the tiny village at the edge of elven lands. But he never truly appreciated just how isolated his life was until he saw the city. It was no small apread of ramshackle wooden shacks, this was a vast organized collection of high end housing. Trisha had laughed at his amazment, saying that this small city was nothing compared to the great ones further north. But that did nothing to curb his enthusiasm.

At the center of the city was a great building, Trisha called it The Academy. Lucas examined the great stone structure, so different from the surrounding wooden structures.

Lucas turned on his side slowly, his muscles protesting. His initial awe had not lasted long, it was replaced by darker emotions. The fear of discovery, difficulty in maintaining his story, and the overwhelming terror that he would be discovered and killed.

The group headed directly for the center of the city, guardians waving at the odd elf that came out to greet them. They would speak as friends, exchanging news and other bits of information. But despite all the rushed conversations the group never paused, never slowed, in its journey to the Academy.

As they got closer to the ominous structure Lucas's anxiety grew, soon he would be forced to tell his story and any mistake had the potential to kill. Trisha had noticed his unease, she tried to comfort him thinking it was just nerves or something similar due to being around so many people. Lucas didn't tell her the true reason for his behavior, how could he after all. So he allowed her to believe he was used to tiny village life and feared being surrounded by the impressive structures in the city.

Giant wooden doors sealed the academy from the rest of the city, but at Gen's shout they opened ponderously. Amazed at the thickness of the oak timber Lucas stared wide eyed at he great doors before Trisha grabbed his sleeve and pulled him in. "Come on," she had said, "There'll be time to gape later." She had laughed and Lucas laughed with her. Fighting internal visions of violence that rose up in response to her ethereal giggle.

A huge courtyard was inside, wide grassy swaths of land intermixed with clumps of trees went as far as the eye could see. Now Lucas was truly amazed, he couldn't understand how it could all fit behind the stone walls. Trisha smiled at his expression as he stared around him. She told him it was ancient magic, a power so old no one knew how it worked or who had cast it. It had been affecting the Academy for as long as anyone could remember, predating the ban on magic by a millenia.

Gen had stopped their conversation there, yelling at Trisha to get moving. Again Lucas wished he could attack, but surrounded by guardians as he was he would be cut down in an instant. So instead he had followed the group down a dusty path, apparently heading towards the inner buildings.

The illumination in the room was dimmed and Lucas blinked trying to adjust to the sudden darkness. "Lights out ladies! You'll be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow." Groaning Lucas tried to relax and clear his mind, he would need all the rest he could get for the next day. Training was much more brutal than anything Lucas had put himself through in the past, and as he went through it he developed a newfound, though unwilling, respect for X. Around him he could hear sighs and muttered complaints from his classmates, he knew many of them didn't want to be here.

Often The Academy was a place for troubled youth, sent by their parents who were tired of dealing with immaturity or laziness. There were several of such youth in his clave, or group of recruits, and Lucas was constantly nearing the edge as he dealt with them. Before he had embarked on his murderous spree at his home village ignoring those who angered him would require little effort. But after he let himself go so to speak, and killed all who angered him Lucas was having a much harder time reigning in his temper.

Sighing once more he tried to stop thinking, he needed to sleep so he could complete the tasks of the next day.

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