3 years later:

Lucas stood confidently beside his trainer watching the passing elves, he had long since advanced beyond the beginner class and now learned under the instruction of a private trainer as did the rest of his original class, except the one. He had left in the middle of the night, supposedly the training too difficult for him. Lucas wrenched him mind from the slight deviance into the past and refocused on his present task. He was supposed to spot the elf who had broken a law, though no one bothered to tell him which law it was the elf was supposed to have broken. Or how to spot him, or her, he added with some consideration.

Fighting the urge to groan in frustration Lucas stared at every passing face trying to find some evidence of guilt or unease. But each elf looked just as comfortable with their surroundings as the next leaving Lucas at a loss, until he realized something. When had been the villain himself he had always blended, heck he blended now. He shifted his focus, looking for something else to distinguish a law-abiding elf to one who had broken the law.

As he watched with another perspective Lucas stopped looking for signs of unease, instead he looked for those with a little too much self-assurance. His instructor seemed to watch with a greater interest, as if realizing the change that came over him. More confident now Lucas scanned the crowds again, this time he didn't look in the shadows he looked in the sunny spots. He still didn't have any luck however, until he looked at his instructor.

Lucas smacked himself, how could he have spent the last hour without realizing what was right in front of him. His instructor didn't look like herself, she had used a glamour to ensure no one would recognize her as a guardian and act strangely. And magic was just as illegal here as it was in his home village. Wordlessly he signaled her indicating he had completed his task, surprised she appraoched. "Just an hour Lucas? Most take two or three . . . or six or seven." Lucas smiled, "You, you are the lawbreaker."

The glamour faded and Trisha appeared, "Well done Lucas. You pass." Lucas smiled to himself, then Trisha spoke again. "Just don't tell anyone which law I was breaking. Or that I was breaking a law. You see this exercise is just supposed to make you more aware of your surroundings. But I thought this was the best way to do it." Lucas stopped her rambling with a quick peck on the lips, "Stop worrying Trisha you know I'm good at keeping secrets." She smiled, "Are you? Because I'm pretty sure you just kissed me in public." Lucas grinned, "It's fine no one was watching."

Trisha sighed and started walking towards the Academy leaving Lucas to follow. "So tell me, how did you figure it out so fast?" Lucas caught up with her quickly, "I was getting nowhere with looking for someone hiding in the shadows, so I decided to look for someone who was just a little too sure of themselves." The second it was out of his mouth Lucas knew he had given the wrong answer. Trisha froze and stared at him, "That's not how your supposed to know, and how are you able to connect with lawbreakers so thoroughly you can predict them?"

Lucas stuttered trying to think of a response but Trisha wasn't done speaking, "And now you're stuttering! You always do that when you try to hide something. Tell me Lucas, you know you can tell me anything. Right?" Lucas looked at his beloved, his eyes sorrowful. "Trisha, there is a reason I understand criminals. It's just not a reason I have ever shared. Trust me, you don't want to know." She rounded on him then, "I don't want to know? Well let me tell you something Lucas, you know what I know right now? I know there is something you won't tell me, it's probably bad, and it should be taken to the Head. That's what I know, and that's what I don't want to know!"

Lucas stared at Trisha in shock, he tried to formulate and answer but instead he was distracted by her beauty. Ink black hair swirled around her moon shaped face in the wind, brilliant emerald eyes flashed with a mixture of anger and betrayal as she faced him. Lips, smooth and pink, parted as she shouted at him. He stared at her as she continued to shout at him, he could see the corner of her eyes begin to wet and Lucas knew she was nearly crying. He couldn't bear that so he himself gave a desperate shout, "X is innocent!"

Dead silence rushed to claim the air after Lucas revealed his long kept secret. Trisha was gaping at him, her eyes wide and mouth wider. "What are you saying Lucas?" He closed his eyes, "X was not responsible for all those deaths, Istrali killed them." Silence filled the air again, then Trisha grabbed his hand, "Come on Lucas, we need to speak somewhere where no one will hear us." Lucas opened his eyes, nodded, and followed her retreating form.

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