They faced each other in a dusty circle, heat rising around them as the sun baked the earth. No one else was in the field, and Lucas understood why so many had been in the library. The trainers had given their pupils an escape from the heat, a choice to study from books rather than train in the heat. Trisha gave him no such choice, and Lucas didn't mind. He would need to act in all environments in the future.

Trisha gestured for him to pick up a sword but Lucas hesittated eyeing her own lack of a blade. "If I pick up a blade I will lose control. I don't want you to be undefended." She laughed at him, "I'm not undefended Lucas, pick up a sword." Her voice was flinty, urging Lucas's complicance. Tentatively he gripped the leather wrapped pommel of a light sword. It was one he was unfamilier with, Lucas thus hoped that it would not create the blind murderous rage other blades had.

The next few moments were remarkably unclimactic. There was no rush of dementia, Lucas felt no sudden urge to kill. He just stood akwardly, gripping the unfamilier blade and watching his instructer. In the blink of an eye she leapt at him, swinging something bright at Lucas's head. Without thinking he reacted, twisting the light blade up around his forehead. The swift reaction stopped Trisha's attack cold, but she did not cease her assault.

The two loving warriers danced around eachother, following no rules as all was fair in thier duel. However as time passed it became clear that Trisha was not as skilled as Hoffman, Lucas was fighting internally. Attempting to maintain control over his manic urges he brought up memory after memory of his stolen moments with Trisha. But as their fight wore on Lucas began to lose against himself, he tried to pull away and stop fighting but he couldn't slow his limbs. Horrified he watched from within his mind as his arms moved of their own volition pounding at Trisha's weakening defense.

Her weapon was knocked loose from her grip as Lucas landed a heavy blow, there was a tiny pause as the two watched the glinting silver flew away. Then Trisha turned back to Lucas, eyes meeting his she took a step back. Lucas watched as if he were a third party to the entire situation as he began to stalk towards her. She spoke softly, "Lucas, drop your blade." The words floated around his mind without meaning. "Lucas, stop." She pled with outstretched hands, trying to slow his advance. "Remember who you are, what we are together. Lucas drop your blade."

Her words reached through his mind like a light through a dark mist, illuminating his hiding conciousness. Slowly he took control, flowing back over his body as water over a rock. Soon the blade's tip was pointing to the ground his gaze directed to the same spot. A slim pale hand calloused from years of work slipped into his own. "Well done." Lucas turned his eyes upward, his face drawn and pale.

"I could have killed you Trish, I can't do that again." She shushed him, " have complete faith in you. Now again." She jogged to where the knife had landed picking it up with an expert grip. Lucas stared down at his own grip, loose and hesitent on the sword. As he examined the leather wrapped hilt he made himself a promise, he would learn to control himself.

The two again settled into a ready stance, the heat of the sun baking them. Hot air filled the valley and with no breeze to relieve the two elves they were soon dripping in sweat. Around and around they circled, each footfall sending up small puffs of dust. Clashes were short, blades met briefly then retreated. Lucas maintained a strict control over his mind, and everytime he felt the slightest slip he pulled back. Retreating from the battle, Trisha did not follow him when he stepped back suddenly. She seemed to understand that he need breaks to maintain control.

In such manner they contined with their training exercise. Few elves interupted, the ones that did were sent away with a sharp word from Trisha. Her authority ensured that Lucas had no one else to worry about on the field, so the two practiced without fear until the sun began to fall.

Sides heaving from the exertion Lucas placed his sword on the rack shakily. His arms trembled with exahstion, amazingly Trisha seemed to be having little trouble herself. In Fact, Lucas thought as he stared at her in wonderment, she seemed hardly to be sweating at all. She glanced up at him and laughed at his gaping jaw and sweat stained clothing. "Having fun?" Lucas tried to reply but his dry throat prevented him talking normally. Instead all he managed was a dry rasp.

Trisha giggled of all things as she turned and began to walk towards the building, "Come along Lucas, you need a drink." Shaking his head in astonishment Lucas followed Trisha, amazed not only at her fortitude but also the control he had managed to keep. Of course if he were ever engaged in a real battle he wouldn't have the option of pulling away. Impatiently Lucas shook away the intrusive thought and hurried on stiff legs to catch up with his lovely trainer.


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