Moon Wolf

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Being A Moon


"Jenn I want you to know something." I looked back at him. "Stuff like this is going to happen a lot with you..."


"You mean people are going to... To... Do That to me?" I almost shrieked. He nodded and glared at the road. "Why?" I screamed. "It's not enough I'm a werewolf now, but someone is going to attack me everyday?" I wanted to cry again.

"Let me explain to you." Alpha said in a calm, but extremely authoritative voice. I quieted down instantly, it was a voice my father would have used to keep me from doing something stupid. "Most werewolves nowadays are born into who they are. They are born wolves. Not very many people are bitten any more. And if they are most don't survive. When you were bitten something unique happened. On the night of your fist change there was a total lunar eclipse.

"The eclipse caused something in your transformation that not only kept you alive but also made you an elite type of wolf." I froze. "In being an elite you are very powerful, and with that power certain hormones will attract wolves. Specifically males." he sighed then and relaxed his death grip on the steering wheel. "Your constantly releasing pheromones that wolves will be able to smell. They'll be attracted to you all of the time."

"But Josh didn't seem like it. You arn't."

"The wolves who have mates won't react to the smell." he said. My heart dropped, I knew enough from my reading what he meant by that. So Josh had a mate. That would explain why he dumped Stacy, the head cheerleader.

"So what do I do? About the wolves that don't have mates." I asked melancholy.

"Well from what I know if you find your mate than the levels will go down." that didn't sound too hard.

"So how do I find a mate?" I asked.

"For a while you won't be looking. More than half of the male wolves in my pack are your age. And I'm not going to let you any where near them until everyone knows what's going on. If you thought human hormonal teens are bad wait until you see a hormonal wolf boy." he shook his head. I laughed, glad for the light joke he made.

After the car ride with Alpha I learned what kind of wolf I was. He called me a moon wolf. So at the pack meeting that night I was suddenly moved up in rank and placed of Alpha's council.

A lot of people disagreed with this, me included, I didn't want to be making a scene when I had only just joined the pack.

Hank was in the small group of people that approved of me. I gave him a fowl stare as he playfully agreed to my rank.

"Come on men. How often is it that we have a female Moon?" he asked winking at me. I sank in my seat wishing that I would just disappear.

"What could she provide to the council?" someone asked, sounding genuinely curious.

Alpha spoke up, even rising from his seat to put his point across. "With some training and knowledge from the pack I know Jennifer will be an advantage on my council."

"Then can't we wait until then before you decide to appoint me?" I asked quietly. It didn't matter how quietly I spoke everyone heard me. Alpha shook his head.

"I want you apart of the council as soon as possible. Not every pack has the honor of having a Moon Wolf." he made it sound like I was some god! But I couldn't keep arguing with him. He was the alpha and it was obvious that he was extremely stubborn.

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