Alpha's Command

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Alpha’s Command

I woke up to sharp pain piercing my side. I woke up screaming, urging my body to jump away from where ever the pain. “Hold her down!” Someone shouted. I snapped my eyes open and saw three large men pin my arms and legs. I screamed and kicked, trying to pull away from me as the speaker once again caused the splitting pain in my side.

“STOP!” I screamed at them trying to throw the big men off.

“Why not sedate her?” someone asked. I didn’t know his voice, hell I didn’t know what was going on with me.

“HELP ME SOMEONE!” I cried, screaming.

“We can’t,” the first voice grunted. “I need to know...” He snapped something on my side, making me scream louder than before. “Where it hurts.” He sighed and suddenly all hands were gone. I leapt from where I was held to a wall. I pressed my back against the wall and stared at them. Each had a blank look, one an old man who seemed uninterested in the fact that I was now free and ready to rip all of their heads off. The other three were big, werewolves by the smell of them, each sharing the same features. High cheekbones, dark eyes, and tussled hair. They actually looked like triplets.

“Who the hell are you what do you think you’re doing?” I hissed at them. The triplets frowned and turned to the old man, who was ignoring the whole situation and putting away random items. I finally noticed what kind of room I was in. It was a plain cream color, posters on the wall showing anatomy, a white counter top with jars on it, each filled with different items.

There was the table, or bed, that I had just been on. It as padded in a gross brown coloured leather. When the old man had stopped putting things away he looked up at me, having to peer through a pair of glasses resting on the end of his nose. “Good to see you feeling better Ms. White.” He smiled. I growled at him and pressed myself against the wall tighter. “No need for that.” He hushed. I choked back my laughter and glared at him.

He shook his head and chuckled. He patted one of the triplet’s shoulders and made him bend down to the old man’s hearing level. I didn’t hear what he said, but the one he spoke to left the room. “Come sit down.” The old man waved at the bed.

“No.” I grumbled remaining where I was.

“Suit yourself, but you’d be much more comfortable sitting down.” He said wisely. I knew he was right, my side was burning and I wanted to crumple down, but I was afraid too. I didn’t know who these people where and what they were going to do to me if I closed my eyes.

Every breath I dragged in caused a sharp pain in my side. The man watched me carefully. “Now I insist that you sit down, before you do anymore damage to yourself.” The remaining twins tensed, looking ready to jump forward on a command.

“How much more damage can I possibly do after what you did?” I hissed, wrapping an arm around my body, hoping that holding it would make the pain ease. I felt like I was trying to hold my body together. The man chuckled again, clicking his tongue.

“I’ll send you my chair.” He said rolling out an office chair. “Just sit down, I don’t want to have to re-break your bones.”

“Re-break?” I squeaked.

He nodded his head and took a seat against the counter, rolling the chair to me slowly. Staring between him and the chair, I decided to take it. If need be I can use I as a weapon to fend them off if I have too. “You received a lot of damage fighting a vampire, and because of our speed healing, most of it was healed by the time Beta dragged your ass back here. Only problem being that they had set improperly.” He sighed, like this was such a normal thing for him, to inflict pain on others like that. “So I had to re-break them so that they could set properly.” He nodded his head, satisfied with his answer.

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