Red Moon Rising

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Red Moon Hunt

Chapter One

I was walking home late one night from my friends party. It was right after some random guy tried to take me upstairs I think?

I don't quite remember, being as smashed as I was, but I some how had enough sense to know that I had to get out of there. So I wandered down the street, waiting for the street lights to come on, which was weird, it was three in the morning. I had issues walking down the side walk straight, but I could see the turn to my street just a block ahead.

I was gripping my tote bag tightly, trying to listen for some noise that didn't fit. I'll admit I was a tiny bit paranoid. I jumped when my phone vibrated in my pocket.

"Hello?" I asked, but it came out more like "herrrrow?"

"Jennifer, where are you?" My brother snapped. I forgot I left him at the party.

"I go home now." I baby talked. "Me sweepy." I heard him sigh, he was better at holding his liquor than I was, what can I say this was my first party.

"Stay where you are, I'll catch up to you." He sighed again and hung up. I huffed and shouted at the phone, even if he was already gone.

Mumbling I sat down, pulling the tops of my short shorts down.

It was the peak of summer, and even at night it as 40 degrees out. (In °C). So I sat on the hot curb and waited for my brother to come. I was watching the forest intently, maybe get lucky and see some of the famous wolves we had.

Our town was famous for having sightings of giant wolves. Honestly what was considered a giant wolf?

My family took a trip to BC, and we saw a pack of wolves cross the road, they were huge. I mean they made a Great Dane look small. So apparently the wolves we had were bigger. I wouldn't know, I hadn't actually seen one before.

But tonight I did.

It was standing just in the line of the trees, the moon lighting enough of the street for me to see it's outline. I shook my head, thinking it was the alcohol, but he didn't vanish. "Shit, I had some strong shit." I mumbled rubbing my eyes.

When I looked back, it was standing on the street, maybe thirty feet from me, watching me.

It had tiny black eyes, thick glossy black fur and sharp yellow teeth. I sucked in a breath. I hadn't the slightest clue what to do. I could deal with bears and skunks, but this thing... it was twice the size of a grizzly at least, had claw like hands that crushed the pavement and a vicious snarl on it's face. "Holy shit!" I breathed looking at it.

It sat back, hiding its teeth and cocking its head to one side. A noise came out of its chest, a chopped growling... Is it possible for wolves to laugh? Because I think this wolf was laughing at me! "What do you want?" I shouted, quickly glancing to see if my brother was walking down the street yet. We were alone.

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