Red Moon Hunting

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Red Moon Hunting

I sat silently in my bed, ringing the sheets, staring out the window. I wanted to scream, I wanted to run to that mountain and find him. But I couldn’t. I should have listened to Boris and stayed there, I hurt so much, but I couldn’t stay there I needed some time by myself.

It probably wasn’t the safest or smartest idea, especially with those things knowing where I lived. I laid down and shut my eyes, I didn’t expect to fall asleep, I just was trying to empty my mind and forget about the world. For a few moments would have been wonderful. But no I fell asleep, and had the strangest dream.

Lasting rays of the sun slip lower beyond the horizon. A star twinkles above my head, this is it, only a few more minutes. I look behind me waiting for the rising moon. the tremors under my skin send jolts of excitement through me. A full moon, but not a mere full moon, a full red moon. The once pail face now sheens red. I am shivering, not that I’m cold, I haven't felt cold in a long time, absently I touched the simple crescent scar on my collar bone. If it weren't for him, I would never get to see the moon like this.

"Get ready!" I said to the rest in my pack, they all looked up eager at the moon, we stood in the shadow on the trees, waiting for complete night, a deer wondered close but instinct told him to run. He would give a good chase.

There, the sun was gone, I looked to my pack, I could almost see the drool dripping from their teeth.

"Red Moon tonight boys," I whispered, knowing they would hear me. "They will never know what hit them, it is not a mere food hunt." I started to speak louder, walking around the group of fighters I had with me. "Tonight we show those back stabbing leeches what we are made of!" a growl ripped the night are, followed by a wicked smile of white pointed teeth. "Soon our brothers will be avenged, but..." I stopped and looked every one of them in the face. "Not all of us will survive. So I say this... Take down as many of those blood sucking Devils with you as you can!" the pack erupted with cheering. "Let’s Run!" I howled, already in the light, feeling it awaken my soul, the tremors were greater now, I could feel every hair on my body ignite and the sudden urge to chase the next thing that moved.

It's not painful, it almost feels like sudden warmth, growing, and suddenly you find yourself running on all fours and howling at the moon. Looking around my I could see others completing the change, and settling into their half man, half wolf form. Silver Tail, my right paw wolf, had a look of pure determination, where as Black Claw ran with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

"White Moon, do you smell that?" Sliver asked me I slowed my pace and sniffed. If you knew what death smelled like, think about the living dead. Never aging, never dying, and never peaceful. These things don't know when to quit. We slowed our pace and stood in a large clearing. we didn't have to wait long for the others to join.

"So may I presume I am in the presence of the famous wolf leader White Moon?" a pale, scraggy man asked, I stood on my hind legs, and towered 3 feet above him. Silver Tail did the same, and snapped a fierce growl at the vampire. "No harm, Peace my friend." the vampire said.

"We are NOT friends," Silver growled.

"So you have the same problem we are having I presume?" I intervened, the vampire nodded.

"We don't know how it happened, and none in my clan had nothing to do with it, I would have known." there was a snort behind me, I shook my head and looked at each on my wolves.

"If your clan didn't do it, whose did?" I asked, looked back at Ventrol, the vampire.

"We believe it is a rouge vampire, angry at his creator, and this is his way of showing how strong he is. We have tried to track him, but every man I send out, never comes back. I finally had to step in, will you help us?" he looked at everyone in the pack. I didn't need to ask my men, I knew they were ready to rip some vampire throats out.

"How much do we need to know?" I asked, an evil grin on my face.

"I'm glad we can work together, White Moon." He started briefing us, what he knew, what his men had found out, and where they suspected the rouge was hiding. then came the planning. by midnight several vampires had entered and conversed, and we were running up the mountain to the suspected hide out.

I woke up with a start, seeing the base of the mountains from my dreams. That wasn’t possible, there was no way that I’d actually... that couldn’t be... I shook my head it was just a silly dream. I slipped out of bed and headed down stairs.

I was in for a shock to see who had congregated in my kitchen.



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