Pack days

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Pack Days

I was right when I was going to feel alone. At school most of the pack members left me alone, I couldn't tell my human friends about them so I felt like I was always lying. My close friend left me for some new girls, apparently she blames me for her boyfriends actions.

Really? I felt alone and sad most of the time. Like I could understand the jocks and the cheerleaders, it's not like they wanted someone to notice a nobody to start hanging out with them.

My morning periods past by really quickly, leaving me to go to lunch by myself. But that wasn't new. I looked forward to lunch everyday, because it gave me the chance to do what I wanted and not have anyone around.

Quickly and quietly I slipped into a closed room. The window had already been covered (guess they didn't take it down over summer) I turned on the bright fluorescent lights and walked over to the shinny black grand. Grand piano that is. Checking the room I rested my fingers in the ivory keys and tested them for tune.

When the sound riveted around the room I stopped and listened making sure no body heard me. Smiling to myself I started playing. The notes flowed through my fingers, the sound coming out as perfect as I practiced it a million times before.

The song was my own composition, something I had spent years tying to perfect. I couldn't quite figure out how to end it just yet.

My body started to say to the music, my eyes closed so I could see the music around me. It was soft and sweet then grew into some dramatic chorus and slowed into a type of waltz tempo and the finally... Undetermined as of now. I smiled when the song began to rise, dramatic and bold.

My fingers played across the keys flawlessly. This was the only time when I was able to play. My parents sold our grand and I couldn't take lessons so this was how I resorted to play.

"Well look who it is!" a voice broke through my music. I froze, dropping my hands on the keys making a terrible dissonant sound. "Awe don't stop." he said stepping in from the door, three others followed him. I took my hands away from the keys and dropped them into my lap. The boy who was speaking stepped behind me and dropped his hands on my shoulders.

"Can I help you?" I asked softly. I could feel his hot breath on my neck, his fingers slowly began to massage my shoulders. "Please stop." I whispered again.

"No." he whispered back, his lips close to my ear. I pulled forward to get his hands off, he responded by grabbing my waist and arm and spinning so I faced him. "Are you scared?" he asked leaning in as close to me as he could his face was inches from mine, his body pressed against me. I shuddered and looked away nodding my head. "Of course you are. What are you going to do about it?" I put both my hands on his shoulders and shoved as hard as I could.

To my delight he stumbled over the piano bench. I turned and tried to run for the door. The other two boys blocked my way. I decided to try and run through them when an arm came around my waist. I screamed when I was thrown to the floor. "That wasn't very nice of you." he said wiping his mouth. "I just wanted to play." he smiled coyly.

"Please just leave me alone." I begged. He laughed and kneeled beside me.

"But you smell so delicious." he whispered close to my ear. "I want to eat you." I shivered at the sound of his voice.

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