Red Moon Set

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Chapter Four

It felt strange after my bones broke. I couldn't really feel anything, it felt like I was awake but I was really sleeping.

When I woke up I was curled on the cold forest floor. Ferns dripped cold dew on my face. "cold!" I snapped sitting up, bad idea. Everything hurt, my head was spinning and my bones ached. Damn tylenol 3, some one get me morphine!

Groggily, and painfully I looked around to find out where I was. Thick green forest surrounded me, it looked like the clearing where I saw the man. Oh god! Was he really a warewolf? I shivered, rubbing my arms to try to bring back some warmth. When I looked down my clothes were missing. There was a small scrap of my pj shorts left around my waist, but other than that I was stark naked.

"I told you you would come back to me." a voice laughed bhind me. I wipped my head around to see the naked man from a week ago. Guess what... He was still naked.

Well he could have worn clothes between now and then.

I laughed absantly at the thought, and remembered how to scream. I sucked in a deep breath ready to let out the loudest scream I could. I heard a violent growel, it sounded like it was torn away from his thoat, and he lunged. His hand was over my mouth holding in my scream. "Don't want your little friends to know where you are!" he hissed.

I struggled and tried to push him off wanting to let out my scream, but I also had the mouth watering urge to rip his throat out. "Damn you got stronger. Well of course you would but with the sun rising you're powerless against me." he snickered in my ear. I tried to ignor the fact that he was on top of me holding me down, his face pressed against my neck. "You will make a perfect mate." he nippedy neck. I gasped under his hand and bit his fingers. He howeled and pulled back, givinge enough time to worm away and start screaming.

"SHUT UP!!" he shouted jumping on my back, sharp nails digging into my back. Not really helping him because I cried out again. He shoved my face into the cold dirt, smothering my screaming and me choak on dirt. I stopped screaming and began caughing. "Your not the one I'm looking for," he sounded dissapointed. "well...that doesn't stop me from..." hetrail off his hand tracing down my back. I tried to struggle away,tears soaking the ground in my face. His body moved and he moved so that he was laying flat on to of me, I tried to scream and cry out.

I felt cold air cover my back. Lifting my head I saw two men fighting, they were going all out, my savior, it was hard to see him, threw the black haired man into a tree. The tree groaned loudly and snapped, but the man got to his feet like he had landed on pillows. I cried and backed away into a thick tree, the rough bark scratching my back.

I didn't seem to panic when both men effortlessly changed into giant wolves. It seemed like one moment there were fighting men, the next two giant wolves ripping each others throats out. It was worse than Van Helsing, this time the battle was real.

There was a giant black and gray wolf going all out. The gray one was rather pretty, soft brown lines traced down it's back, giving it almost a tiger look. He seemed to be the stronger one, he towered over the black wolf.

They battled it out, blood and fur was starting to cover the ground. Finally, with a viloent bark and a snap of jaws, the black wolf ran into the woods.

I hadn't been able to control my self. I was sobbing and shaking, but unalbe to look away from the battle. The gray wolf shifted back to a human and truned to face, his fetures were soft.

"Are you okay?" he asked coming close. I cowered and tried to move into the tree and vanish. "Don't worry. I'm here to protect you." he held his hands down protectively.

Shakeily I rubbed the tears away and looked at him. "Your..." I stared at him.

"Detective Wolf, yeah. A lot of the officers that work in my unit are like us."he stated matter a factly.

"w-what's going to happen to me?" I sobbed. He smiled softly and kneeled down beside me.

"With the help of my pack you can go back to living your life." he scooted closer and gently picked me up. "don't worry you'll never transform like that ever again."

I gulped. "So am I really... A... Ware wolf?"

He was very silent looking hard at the path he was taking. I almost thought he wasn't going to answer. "Yes, you are a ware wolf now." I excpected his voice to be cold and hard when he spoke, but again the softness rivited off of him. "Its nothing like the movies, only your first full moon will be so hard, but no one ever remembers their first full moon." he started to talk like a teacher. I let him talk as he carried me out of the woods. "Most ware wolves continue their daily lives like the change never happened. But any wolf in this area is either part of my pack or a rouge.

"Its against pack laws to change any one with out our approval and without the knowledge of the person bing change. That is our number one rule. That wolf has a warrent for his hide for changing you, and other crimes..." he trailed off, his strong arms tipping me tighter.

"Ow!" I hissed under my breath. He heard and loosened his grip.

"You will never have to fear him again, my pack will protect you." He insisted. I smiled feebly and slowly drifted asleep.

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