7: promises

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Alette's POV

I couldn't decipher the look in Uncle Syl's eyes as he stared at Aresius.

I wonder how they knew each other?

"What are you doing here?" Uncle Syl's sounded genuinely confused.

"I got stuck in the field this morning Uncle Syl, I waited for so long until finally he came and got me unstuck. He walked me home too, isn't that so nice of him?" I explained, considering this whole ordeal was my fault, and Uncle Syl could be a very scary man. Although, judging by how Aresius looked, he was not scared at all.

Uncle Syl was tall, around 6'2, and went to the gym regularly. He visibly had many tattoos, and he looked younger than his age. His golden brown hair and beard were flecked with some white hairs, which were the only indication that he was getting old.

I glanced at Aresisus, who stood confidently, seeming unbothered. He was slightly taller than Uncle Syl, and had a wider build.

The room was blanketed in silence.

"So....um how do you two know each other?" I asked to fill the silence.

Uncle Syl glanced at Aresius, whose jaw and fists were clenched. Odd.

Uncle Syl turned to me and smiled softly. "We know each other from work."

My brows furrowed, "How is that possible Uncle Syl? Aresius works at the tattoo shop?"

The two men exchanged a look.

"I have another job. Your uncle supervises my work sometimes," Aresius answered while Uncle Syl nodded.

I didn't know exactly what it was that Uncle Syl did, but it was top secret. It did make sense though because Uncle Syl also knew Tai from somewhere, and Aresius and Tai worked together.

I hummed in acknowledgment; it was cool that my new friend was also Uncle Syl's friend. I mean, I hoped we were friends.

Everyone in the room fell into a silence again, until an idea struck me.

"Do you um...maybe want to go up to my room? We could play a board game...or! We could watch a movie?" I really wanted to spend more time with him.

But what if he didn't want to spend time with me? Stupid, stupid, stupid, why would you even ask him that.

Aresius sighed, making me look up at him.

"Not today." Not today? That implied another day? Or did it mean he didn't want to ever see me again? 

I nodded at him. Deep down, I had expected that answer.

He took a step towards me.

"Soon." Oh.

A smile bloomed on my face and I nodded earnestly at him. What if....what if he was joking? My smile fell.

"Soon? Do you know like...when?" As soon as the words left my mouth, I face-palmed. He's going to think you're so childish and clingy.

I looked down, wishing I could take what I said back.

I had just met him, but those deep-rooted issues of loneliness and abandonment were in full-swing.

After a few excruciating moments of silence, my eyes widened when he extended his hand towards me.

He held out his pinkie finger.

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