VegasPete | Chapter 0

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- Vegas -

"Thank you," the voice said. I just finished taking him on a motorcycle ride around the university today. It was an opportunity for me to get close to him and I didn't expect that opportunity would come so quickly.

"If you need another driver again someday, you can call me anytime," I broadly smiled at the person in front of me. This man, Porsche, always looked good in my eyes. Whether it was his body or appearance, or even his stubborn personality, he was very challenging but pleasing to me.

"...If you like it, then buy it," he said without a thought. Even the expression he made was annoying. But in my perspective, his every movement made me almost unable to take off my eyes from the person in front of me.

"And if I buy it, will you be riding behind me like just now?" I said, smiling while giving him a flirtatious look to show a clear hint of my real purpose of approaching him. I have to act fast now that I have a chance to score.

"You should go. Thank you again," Porsche hurriedly ended the conversation, but I didn't see it as disrespectful. It was probably because I understood him well. On the outside, he had a stubborn personality and he looked very strong physically but on the inside, I could tell he was trying to hide his vulnerability. Because when I saw him, it was as if I was looking at myself in the mirror. Although, he was a bit different than me...

He was a simple, uncomplicated person. He was the type of person who would say and express exactly what he was thinking.

But I wasn't like that. I could hide my real thoughts and personality much better than him. It was most likely because the lives we experienced were different.

Porsche Pachara has accepted your friend request.

The moment I opened my Facebook, I looked at the phone screen with satisfaction. I responded first before I turned it off again. The wide smile slowly disappeared from my face when I finally got inside of my car. I gently massaged my jawline with my hand and glanced at my face through the rearview mirror. I stared deeply in my eyes, and the more I looked, the more I was able to see the thing that I feared within myself the most.

I admit that I had different personalities depending on the situation and my moods weren't very stable. I showed Porsche my friendly side because I wanted to get closer to him. At the beginning, I only wanted to win him over because of Kinn. But now, I was starting to be seriously interested on Porsche.

And if one day, he would come to see me for who I really am... Would he be able to accept me? And how would he feel if he found out that all the things I've shown to him before about myself were just an illusion?

I adjusted the windshield and started the car to get ready to drive home. But my attention was caught when I turned to see a familiar car parked by the corner of the building. That made me smirk once more.

"This must be an investment. It's not enough for a dog to follow me. Did he come by himself?" I picked up my phone again before typing something to post as a way to provoke Kinn. Now that I thought about it, it was best that I held on to Porsche a little longer. This would be fun.

Vegas: Can you stay? Don't you ever let me go. You know my whole heart is yours now :)

I put down my phone after I turned on the music to play along the way while I was driving. I chose from my favorite playlist of dark, heavy songs. The more I got into the music and imagined Kinn's face, the more I felt satisfied. As for Kinn, I would be appeased in any way I could get him to be upset.

That Kinn, the second eldest son of the major clan, was considered as perfect from his appearance, education, and social status. It was difficult to compare him to other people. But I didn't want to believe that I would lose against him when it comes to ordinary people like Porsche. That bastard slept around with different people, but he stopped doing it now. I could honestly say that I just swallowed and endured it for a long time. That person, Porsche, might've looked like he was just another random man for Kinn but from everything I was able to observe, I think Kinn wasn't just playing around carelessly anymore like before. It looks like he really liked him. And for someone like Porsche, Kinn was definitely whipped for him. But I still wanted Porsche.

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