So, in present-day Athens, Eldor was about to take Cloe up to the Acropolis (the ancient hilltop citadel of Athens—the main tourist attraction and most famous historical site in the city, for any who may not know of it)! The Parthenon is the most prominent temple on the Acropolis.

This photo of the Parthenon, posted as a media image with this scene, is one that I took during my own summer spent travel-writing in Greece :)

Anyhoo, hope you'll enjoy the first modern-day scene of Book II :D


Scene 3: The Spectacle

A.D. 2015 

She stood before the crown jewel of one of the world’s most culturally iconic cities, among the most momentous monuments in history, a masterpiece of classical architecture that should have inspired ineffable awe…

But it did not. For all of her awe was still consumed by the incredible presence of her own princely creation, who happened to be accompanying her to the Acropolis today.

And, as his presence seemed to suggest, the possibility that she possessed some sort of crazy power to decree the course of destiny.

Eldor seemed perfectly comfortable with his own existence, somehow, going about his life as if it were no big deal. Did he not realize how ridiculous it was that he was real?

“Wow,” Cloe breathed, pretending that her wonder was directed toward the many-pillared temple towering in front of them. “It’s so…”

He smiled as her voice trailed off. “No pressure to put it into words. I know I couldn’t have, when I first set eyes on the Parthenon.”

She returned the smile, grateful for the excuse to be silent for a moment. They veered away from herds of tour groups, headed by exasperated guides holding up tacky signs, to forge their own path through the age-old rubble. Cloe felt criminally lucky to have the most patient—and by far the most gorgeous—guide as her own personal chaperone. He also seemed to know all of the best vantage points from which to admire the attractions and take postcard-worthy pictures.

“Oh, I love this angle,” Cloe gushed as she snapped a series of shots accentuating the Parthenon’s majestic symmetry, cornices and columns stark against a clear blue sky. Her summer job required her to submit high-quality photos of any noteworthy sights, along with all her written content, to be potentially included in the travel guide.

Eldor smiled another epic smile. “It’s definitely my favorite.”

“So you’ve been up here several times, I take it?” she asked, proud of herself for managing to carry on sane conversation, so far today.

“I have. I try to visit the Acropolis whenever I’m in Athens.”

“And you’re here once a year, right? How did you decide to make your summer home in Greece, of all the countries in the world?” she inquired. “I mean—not to assume you don’t have others elsewhere…”

“I don’t,” he replied with a soft, humble chuckle. “I wouldn’t want to waste money on more homes than I need; the one I have here is enough of a luxury. I chose Greece because it’s just the most inspiring place I’ve ever been. I don’t know of any place on earth quite like it.”

“From what I’ve seen of it so far, I’d have to agree,” Cloe chimed as they moved on from the Parthenon to see some of the site’s other structures, scribbling information and observations in her notes along the way. Trying not to laugh as they passed the unfortunately named temple that she recognized as the Erechtheion—a classy prince would not approve of crass humor about such a noble erection, she mused.

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