Let's revisit Clotho in B.C., and maybe learn a little more about her sister's plan... ;)


Scene 3: Heart

2020 B.C.

All was going well. As well as possible, at least, in circumstances such as these. Though unhappy in her heart, she was at peace. Pleased with all that she had done, trusting that the choice she had made - to leave the rider's side, to focus on her duties as a daughter and a Fate - was the right one.

On the island she'd last visited, Clotho had sown the seeds of progress, nourished them and watched them grow. By now, those islanders were well on their way on a path toward virtue; the progress was steady and sure, even though inevitably slow.

For this visit to earth, she had decided to land on another isle in the Aegean Sea. This one was a bit closer to the mainland, where she had last seen Rider, she reflected. Her heart had urged her to place her golden thread just slightly closer, and she'd been powerless against it.

But it was still far enough from him, she was sure. Far enough for her to carry on without distraction. Clotho recalled Atropos's observation that she seemed more distracted now than she had ever been before, but... even if that was true, she had accomplished so much more. Her heart was faraway, perhaps forever lost to her. But her heart was not what mattered. With a focused mind and a devoted soul, she could make progress toward the purpose of saving her mother, faithfully adhering to that fateful goal.

And if Rider was happy in the meantime, as her sister had told her, then... all the more reason for Clotho to be at peace with her decision. Whatever feelings he had seemed to have for her, in their passionate final moments together, had probably been no more than mere illusion. Even if a part of her had not believed her sister's words, she knew that this spark of hopeful doubt in her heart was fueled by some blind fire rather than reason. And she had to trust Lachesis. Mistrusting her own sister, on a matter such as this, would just be spiteful and selfish. She had to trust her, had to carry on.

So all was going well, even more so on this island than on the previous one. The people seemed good-natured to begin with, which made them even more amenable to the idea of leading righteous lives. Clotho came to learn that a king by the name of Polydectes had once presided over this humble isle, not long ago, and that he'd been unjust and cruel during his rule. Based on what she overheard, she wasn't sure exactly how his reign had ended, but she somehow got the sense that he was dead - and that the islanders were very glad about it.

Her first day on this isle, Clotho had made a public speech similar to the one that she'd given previously, proclaiming herself to be sent by the gods. In this instance, rather than promising miracles, she had offered to foretell future events as proof that she was indeed a godsent vessel. She was grateful that Lachesis had agreed to help her by disclosing some of her intentions, so that Clotho could use that knowledge in predicting intersections.

And on her second day on this isle, the islanders had witnessed her predictions come to pass: a fisherman crossing paths with an old friend whom he hadn't expected to ever see again; a lonely spinster stumbling into a widower, both longing for a life companion and gladly discovering that they had a great deal in common; and several other serendipitous connections. Thereafter, the townsfolk had readily placed faith in Clotho's word, making every honest effort to abide by her advice.

All was going so well, she mused as she strolled through the island's central marketplace, offering guidance to anyone who asked, smiling with sincerity at everyone she passed. So well, so smoothly...

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