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Let's check in with Atria and the two hotties in her life ;)


Scene 12: Do It Right

A.D. 2015

Light or darkness. Virtue versus vice. The angel against the animal. There were urges toward both, in her soul. But only toward one in her body. As for her heart... well, if that sappy scrap of shit had anything to say, she never listened to it anyway. And so her decision was made.

She should never have come to Athens in the first place, Atria silently scolded herself as she tossed her few belongings in her bag, eager to leave the perfect little house where she'd already overstayed. Eldor was her big brother, and more often than not acted like her mother. She had the hots for him, sure - but how could anybody blame her, given the equally fuckable flawlessness of his face, physique, and character?

The point was that she and Eldor were never going to fuck each other. Which meant that they had no business living together.

Even more importantly, as she had discovered while considering this choice between two prime pieces of meat, her attraction to Eldor felt like a kindergarten crush next to the fire of her competing desire. Or like some kid craving a freaking chicken nugget, as opposed to a carnivorous connoisseur craving a slice of the finest and juiciest cut on the planet.

Not that there was anything chickeny or nuggety about Eldor, of course, Atria thought to herself with a snicker. Far from it. But her fondness for him definitely was a chicken-nugget level of childish.

Whereas her fondness for Axel - if 'fondness' was even remotely fitting, to describe whatever she felt for him - was a lot more... adult.

Since Atria had been forced into adulthood at the age of eight, or earlier, she really had no patience for child's play. For all these reasons and a million more, there hadn't been much of a choice for her to make. Besides, the animal in her would always be inexorably bound to Axel; this she knew full well. As if he was her mate, and she his fate.

And as for big bro... he would obviously be better off without her, at any rate. Atria folded up the flattering white dress that she'd bought to flaunt in front of Eldor and his goody-goody little girlfriend on their second date. Wondered how much longer the lovebirds would be on a 'break'. Not that it mattered anyway.

She shoved the dress on top of all her other shit, zipped up her bag, then picked up the phone conveniently situated on the nightstand in the guest bedroom. Grateful that Eldor's house was equipped with a landline, as she had no phone of her own.

Dialed a number - one of only two that she knew by heart, the other being that of her big brother, whom she was leaving. Her heart rate quickened with each ring. Axel waited to pick up till the tail end of his ringtone, which she figured was on purpose. He'd always known how to bait her, how to make it worth the wait, worth everything.

He answered as if he didn't know that it was her. The number would be unfamiliar to him, sure, but Atria knew that he could feel her heat through the receiver, so the number didn't matter.

"It's me," she replied anyway, breathlessly. "Where are you."

He gave her the name of some swanky-sounding hotel, and a room number on the top floor. "I was just about to take a shower..."

"Don't," she ordered, already shouldering her bag, ready to bolt. Probably the first and last time anyone ever said no to shower sex with Axel Golde. She had her reasons, though. "Want to taste you, not soap."

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