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Chapter 7

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Friday Night:
   I look in the mirror one last time before putting on my jacket. Harry and I have been great all week and it is time for our date. I have dreamed of being on a date with him for so long. I never thought it would happen! I grab my purse and walk downstairs. I stop halfway when I hear a thick British accent, "Yes, sir. I plan on taking very good care of your daughter." I smile at him and my dad before they notice my presence. As soon as Harry sees me, his eyes turn to a sparkling green and I blush at his reaction. I continue walking down the stairs and my dad meets me at the bottom to take my hand.

  "Daddy, I'm just going on a date. I will be fine." I promise him and he spins me around so my dress flows. I laugh and look to Harry to find him smiling like an idiot.

  He catches me looking at him and he clears his throat, "We um..,have to go." I laugh at how shocked he is and my dad pulls me into a hug.

    After saying "goodbye's" and "loves you's", we leave my house to Harry's car. I walk to the door and he opens it before I get to it. I laugh at him slightly. He blushes and I give him a quick kiss on the cheek before entering the car. I soon as the door closes my scent is filled with Harry's amazing smell. I smile and see him enter the car next to me. " What are you smiling about?" He asks while I continue smiling like an idiot.

I turn to look at him and burst in to laughter. He has the most confused face in history. "Nothing. I just thought.....you were a.....gentlemen. That's all." I lie while trying not to look like it. He smiles and starts the car

"Sure you were, love." I look at him and he has a smirk on his face, signaling he knew I was lying. I defend myself and he just laughs as one of his large hands slide off of the wheel and onto my thigh. I feel the heat in my face and chest when I catch him staring at me. I look away and nod my head,telling him that it is fine. He starts to drive and soon his thumb is making soothing patterns on my thigh. I love the feeling of his hand and slow patterns. It feels so good and it calms down my anxious nerves.

After minutes of silence, he takes his hand away and turns the radio on. He quickly finds a nice station and returns his hand to my leg. It calms down my quicken nerves, that came when his hand was removed. I lightly put my hand on his and he looks at me, while we come to a stop light. I smile and make small circles on the back of his hand with my thumb.

We pull into the movie theater and I unlock my seatbelt. He stops my arm movements and I look at him,confused obviously. He releases my arm and takes my hand. "Let me get the door for you....." He says nervously. Is Harry Styles nervous? I laugh inside my head and smile at my nervous date. He runs out of the car and to my side. I grab my purse and allow him to take my hand. I get out if the car and he closes the door behind me. Neither if us removes each others hand as we continue to walk in.

We purchase two tickets to a romantic comedy. It is about two hours long. I love the idea of watching a movie with Harry for two hours. My mind starts to wander to me being with Harry in a dark room for two hours. I feel a heat on my skin and shake my head. I squeeze Harry's hand when I realize he is looking at me with a concerned look. We walk to get a large drink, to share, and popcorn. We have ten minutes till the movie starts and we get our seats. Harry and I's hands haven't left each other's presence. I smile and lean back in the seat. He removes the arm rest between us and puts his arm around me, pulling me in to him. His hand still never leaving mine. Since his arms are long my arm can rest comfortably without starting to hurt. I never want our hands to part. His large hands on my small ones. It feels amazing, and I never want it to stop.

Five minutes later, people start to crowd in the movie. Harry and I stay close and soon the room darkens and our moving begins. So far this is going really well. I hope it stays like that...

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