Chapter 2

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As I arrive at school my friends are waiting around the parking space. I turn off the car and get out while walking to my best friend, Melissa. I give her a quick hug and a then I feel arms wrap around my waist. I feel a tight squeeze and I scream from the feeling. A thick British accented laugh fills my ears. I instantly know who it belongs to and I turn around and slap his arm. His deep laugh fills my ears again and he takes me by the waist and hugs me. I tightly hug my guy best friend, Harry, back. I've known him since eighth grade and we were best friends from the start. He is amazingly nice and caring. Harry has always liked me. I like him too, but I've never told him that. It is a secret between me and Melissa. Harry always tells me everything and I love how he is so open with me.

"Sarah! Earth to Sarah!" Harry snaps his fingers in front of my face.

"Huh! What?" I shockingly say as all my friends burst in to laughter. I've been remembering my life too much to realize that I just dazed off into my own little world. Harry playfully pushes my arm.

"Were you dreaming about our life together, love?" he asks in a mockingly way. I swat at his arm and laugh.

"Me and you? Never!" I say defensively. I want to date Harry and have the perfect life but it won't ever happen.

He laughs and the bell rings for our first class. Seniors only have two classes today since we are taking pictures for the other two. I have both of those classes with Harry so I get to spend all day with him. Yay!

I give Melissa a quick hug before running to catch up with Harry. When I'm next to him, he looks down at me and offers his arm to hold? I casually take up the offer by holding onto it. He smiles and takes my bag to carry to class. He is the perfect gentleman, on the inside. On the outside he has tattoos and everyone thinks he is mean. If they got to know him for who he truly is then they would see their "opinion" is wrong. I love my perfect Harry. Nothing could ever change that.

We turn down a hallway and step into the classroom. Harry and I sit beside each other. He pulls my chair out for me and I kindly thank him. He sits down next to me. "What? No kiss for the humble servant." He sadly remarks while pushing out his bottom lip in a "puppy dog face" action.

I laugh softly an lean over to kiss his cheek. He moves his head so that my lips brush his. I'm shocked at first but he takes my silence as a time to lean in and kiss me. I immediately fall in love of the feeling and find myself leaning in to go deeper. I'm glad we are the only ones in the class. Well at least I think we are. I haven't really been paying attention since Harry's green eyes are staring in to my soul.

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