Chapter 5

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   I wake up to Harry rubbing my hair. He is softly singing in my ear. I smile at the gesture and rub my eyes. As I sit up I see Melissa. I must have not been asleep that long. "Look who decided to join us." Melissa says happily. "We have to take our pictures in 10 minutes. Are you ready?"

  I carefully pull out my phone and check the reflection. Harry appears behind me and smiles in to my ear. "You are always beautiful if that is what you are going for."

  I smile and kiss his nose. I fix up my hair by brushing it down with my fingers. My makeup and outfit are fine. "How long was I out?" I ask my friends.

  Melissa looks up at me from her makeup and smiles, "Well, about 30 minutes." She looks back down and continues to fix her skin tone.

  "Oh, that wasn't so long." I say as I stand from Harry and rub my hands down my dress. I take my coat out from my bag and put it on. The wind must have made the temperature drop a little.

   Harry helps me button the thin material and he unbuttons the top two. He smiles and I let it pass. "Just this one time Styles. One time!" I hold up my finger. His deep laugh fills the air and he brings me in for a hug.

  His deep accent fills my ears, "But, baby! You are so beautiful. You have to show it off." He squeezes my ass and I lightly laugh. His green eyes meet my light blue ones and he leans in to kiss my forehead. I smile at the sweet gesture and I remember that my father did the same thing this morning. I told myself that I wanted a guy that treats me like my dad treats my mom. Have I found him? Is Harry that guy?

  I look up at him and sassily say, "If I show off then, you will have to fight guys off of me!" He looks shocked. I laugh and walk away.

  He follows me, "Not the beautiful." I wait for him to continue but he doesn't. I turn around to him standing there staring at me.

  I take a few steps back and shake my head, "Excuse me. What did you just say!?!?" I lower my eyes on him in a glare that could kill easily!

  "I said that you weren't that beautiful." He says cautiously. I take two steps back and run to the field to take my pictures, I can't believe he just said that to me. I thought he liked me. I thought he could be just like my dad. I thought..... I thought wrong. Harry is the guy everyone says he is. My "best friend" is not who I thought he was. I have tears in my eyes and I wipe them away quickly before they ruin the little makeup I have on. Why am I crying? I just started to show him my feelings. I shouldn't be crying. Should I? The questions come and go in my head and soon I'm up next for pictures. I find Melissa and stand next to her. This is a picture for best friends. I look away for a second to find Harry standing there awkwardly. I turn away and pose with Melissa, my actual best friend. The photographer takes the photo and I walk off. I have to get my club pictures. I'm only in two clubs but I want to get as far away from Harry as possible. He hurt me already. I can't let him ruin anything else. This has to stop! I can't have that deep of feelings for him!

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