Chapter 9

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After Harry and I finish our heated session he politely takes my hand and guides me into the restaurant. He walks slightly behind me. I know he is looking at my butt. I casually bump him in the arm and his cheeks turn a deep red. We both end up laughing hard. When we get to the door he opens for me to walk in. He is staring at me again as I walk through. I laugh lightly at him and continue to walk to the lobby. I am greeted by a young man who looks about two years older than me. He smiles at me and looks me up and down. I smile back and watch his smile fade. I feel a strong arm wrap around my waist and I look over to see Harry staring at the man. He leads us to a table and leaves immediately.

"What was that?" Harry asks after we are both sitting down.

"What was what? I politely question him.

"The way that guy was looking at you. I didn't like it." He says in a protective tone. I laugh slightly and reach for his hand across the table. "I just want to be the only guy who looks at you like that." He smiles and rubs my hand with his thumb. I smile at the sweet gesture.

" It's really sweet. You are being so protective. I even sensed a little hint of jealousy. You are so adorable when you are jealous." I smile at him in a pittyful way.

"You leave me alone. Don't make me take you in the bathroom." His dimples show very prominently. I laugh at his little joke and playfully kick him under the table. "Well that was rude." He eyes me and I feel a foot lightly tap my leg. I laugh and attempt to kick his foot again. This time he moves his foot and I end up kicking the table. I feel a small pain and look up at him with evil eyes.

"That was mean!" I tell him. He looks away from me and starts to laugh. Is he seriously laughing? This boy has a lot of nerves! "Why are you laughing at me? It really hurt. I could have been seriously injured and you are laughing."

He looks at me and tries to old back his laugh, "I'm sorry babe but your reaction was just so priceless. The way you looked at me was so cute! You looked all mad but it was just adorable to me. I'm sorry." He smiles and his dimples show again. I can't be mad at him. He is just too dang adorable. He drives me crazy, and I love it so much!

He continues to laugh at me and soon I join in. We are both laughing so hard that we don't even notice the waiter at our table. "Are you guys ready to order?" He stares at us while we continue to laugh. "Hello? Sir? Ma'am? Are you ready to order?" He speaks up again and this time we stop laughing and turn our attention to him. Harry and I order our drinks and food. I really don't even know what I got since we didn't even look at the menu. The whole time was spent by us laughing. So I just picked somehimg off the menu that looked interesting. Harry and I really don't have a conversation while we wait. It just consists of "How are you?" And other normal questions.

Our food arrives and whatever I ordered looks really good. I thank the waiter and start to eat. Harry ordered some kind of steak looking thing and I ordered a pasta dish. "How is it?" Harry asks me after swallowing his full mouth of food. I take a bite and immediately fall in love with it. My mouth is full so I give Harry a thumb's up, signaling that it is really good. He smiles and continues to eat his.

After I finish my second or third bite, I ask Harry, "How is your steak?"

He swallows the food in his mouth and answers me, "It is really good. Do you want some?" He looks at me and I shake my head no. We continue to eat in silence the rest of the time. Soon we leave the restaurant and as we are walking to the car, Harry takes my hand. "Okay, I have one more place we need to go." He opens the car door for me and he gives me a quick cheek kiss. He gets into the car and we drive off.

"Where are we going?" I ask him after ten minutes of driving.

He places his hand on my thigh and makes small patterns on my skin, "Don't worry, you are going to love it babe."

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