Chapter 6

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I turn a corner and find a nice spot to sit. As I slide down the wall I let out the tears. I shouldn't be crying but I am. I feel a breeze next to me and look up to see two green eyes staring back. I look away and get up to leave.

  "Sarah wait! Please" he says while grabbing my wrist. I look down at his long fingers wrapped around my small bone. He releases a little of the pressure and I pull away. "Sarah. Please?" It is more a question then a plea as he jogs to catch up.

  I turn around and look back at my "best friend." He now has tears in his eyes. I also have tears in mine. "Why should I give you a chance Harry? Why? So you can insult me again. That hurt Harry! It truly did. I can't believe you would ever say something like that, especially to me!"

  He looks speechless and after a couple seconds of silence I turn to leave. "You never let me finish what I was going to say. You ran away before I had time to say it." His tone is soft and delicate. You better be treading on small grounds here, Styles.

  "What? Are you going to keep insulting me?" I don't turn around as I speak. I feel arms wrap around my waist and he turns me around.

  I try to untangle myself from his arms but his force is too strong. His breath is hot against my neck as he pulls me in towards him. He pulls back and he lifts my chin up. "I wouldn't just have to beat those guys off of you. I would have to hunt them down and kill them for even looking at you. I know I messed up but......"

  Before he can say anything else I push my lips to his. He is shocked as I run my hands through his curls. His hands travel to my waist as he pulls me closer to him. I release the kiss and place my forehead to his. "I'm sorry I never let you finish. It won't happen again."

  He smiles softly, "Is that a yes then? Do I get another chance?"

  I laugh at his remark, " Just shut up, Styles!" My mouth moves to his again. He laughs against my mouth and deepens our kiss.

  We break our kiss to the sound of the bell ringing to end our third class. Since we are seniors we didn't have to go to third and we don't have to go to fourth either. The quietness of the hallway is gone in a second. I never realized how loud high schoolers are. I laugh and Harry looks at me curiously. I shake it off and grab his hand. We have to get back outside to finish pictures. As soon as we pass through the doors I hold Harry's hand tighter and start to run on the field. "Where are we going?" He asks through the blowing wind. I hold my dress down and laugh.

  "To take a special picture! The best friend picture!" I yell back to him.

  He runs faster and picks me up. I hit his back and protest to get down. He laughs and soon enough we are near a tent for a certain picture. I look around and see the picture tent for best friends is further away. What is he up to now? "Harry this is the wrong tent. Our picture is over there."

  He pulls me closer and into the line, "No babe. This is a good category for us." He smiles and points to the sign. It says "Couple Pictures" I laugh and he smiles as he guides us towards the front.

  The photographer smiles, "Hold hands, hug each other, or kiss." Harry pulls me in and moves my hair behind my ear. He leans in slowly and places his lips on mine. I softly kiss him back and hear the camera snap a couple times. He backs from the kiss and we walk away holding hands. This day has turned out pretty well.

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