Chapter 4

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   I get up and start to put on my bag, but it is taken off by Harry quickly. I laugh slightly and follow him out of the classroom. He takes my hand and I start to walk away with him. As he turns a corner my arm gets jerked back. I turn to look at Melissa smiling. Harry pulls me closer so my head is on his chest. Melissa takes my hand and pulls me to her. I laugh and step away from the two "five year olds." Harry sighs, "Baby come on, we have to get to pictures." He attempts to take my hand but Melissa pulls me away.

     "No! Sarah is coming with me! We will see you at pictures soon. We have to catch up!" Melissa says to Harry.

     I laugh at both of them, "Harry, I have to talk to her anyway. Just meet me in the stadium. I will see you there. Okay?"

     He walks over to me and pulls me around a corner. He moves my hair away and whispers in to my ear, "Now, remember what I said. Don't tell her all the good things. They are our little secrets. If that is a problem then you have to learn a little lesson." He grabs my waist and brings me closer. His breath hits my neck and a shiver runs down my body. He sucks gently and then bites. A soft moan escapes my lips and his hands move up and down my back. He softly tugs on the middle of my dress, which exposes my chest more. Harry's lips brush mine. I take that moment to kiss him, soon after his tongue slips into my mouth and my hands tug at his hair. A moan comes out of his mouth and he digs his fingers in to my hips.

    After a couple minutes, Melissa coughs loudly to get our attention. Harry puts a finger up to silence her but I push him away. "Sarah! No!" he pleads with me.

     I give him a quick kiss, "I will see you soon." I move to his ear and say,"Maybe I will tell her our secrets if that is my punishment." I walk away with Melissa and look back to see Harry eyeing me. I laugh and stick my tongue out. He smirks and turns away to walk with his friends.

  Melissa and I walk to the stadium very slowly as I gush all my details with her about Harry. Melissa is just as shocked as I was when everything happened. I leave out the detail of Harry and I after our first class. All she knows is that we kissed in the classroom. I never plan on telling her the other things. I start to blush and smile while I remember what happened.

   Melissa steps in front of me, "Sar! Are you there? Hello!?!?!" she claps and I shake my head out of my daydream.

   "Sorry. I was just thinking. I always do that. My bad!" I quickly say to change the subject. Melissa laughs and we walk outside to the stadium. It is a nice Spring day and it feels amazing. I have always loved Spring and the warm air it gives off. It is my favorite season!

  I spot Harry sitting with our friends and he smiles and waves to Melissa and I to come over. We quickly walk over and Harry takes me by the waist to sit on his lap. I gladly accept and he kisses my neck. I smile and turn to kiss him. We hear a camera snap and look up to see our friend, Alex, laughing. "I can't believe I just got Sarah and Harry kissing. This is so going in the yearbook! What should the caption be?" He laughs and walks away. Harry's laugh fills my ears and I instantly join him. I love the sound of his British accented laugh ringing through my ears. I turn my body slightly and lay my head on his chest. He kisses my forehead and moves my hair behind my ear. I start to get really sleepy and I end up falling asleep. The last thing I hear is Harry softly singing to me. I remember smiling and that was it.

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