Chapter 8

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Harry and I have been laughing since the beginning of the movie. It is so funny. I love seeing him laugh. His genuine happiness comes out at full force and it is truly amazing.

"Are you okay?" Harry's deep voice breaks in to my mind. I realize I'm staring at him. I quickly look away and blush. I feel his hands on my chin. I lean in to his hand and allow him to lift my chin. His green eyes are staring directly into mine.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I tell him then look away from blushing. His hand guides my face back to his. Then he rests one hand on my thigh and the other on my cheek. As he comes closer I feel his hot breath contacting my skin. My body ignites immediately as he bites my bottom lip. My mouth opens from the contact and he takes that as his opportunity to slip his tongue in. I moan softly from our kiss and his hand squeezes my thigh, signaling for me to stay quiet. I nod in agreement and he goes deeper in our kiss.

"Are you sure that you're okay, babe?" He asks after we turn our attention back to the movie. I turn to look at him and smile slightly.

"Harry, if you ask me if I'm okay one more time. I will have to hit you." I can't even finish the statement without laughing. He looks offended but soon after we are both laughing. People in front of us turn around to tell us to be quiet. Harry and I both flip them off and get up to leave. The movie is almost over anyway. We walk out holding hands. His thumb is making small patterns on my skin and I want to melt from the contact.

When we get to the car he runs around to my door and opens it for me. I laugh lightly but smile at the sweet gesture. To reward him I give him a quick kiss on his nose before sitting in the car. He closes my door and runs to the other side to hop in. As he turns the car on his stomach growls. He looks at me and we both nod. I am so hungry, and apparently he is also. We pull out of the parking lot and turn into the main road. "What do you want to eat?" he asks me. I turn my head to look at options that pass us. After looking I see a red sign of a place I have never heard of. It is called, "Silver Gate"

"How about that place? It doesn't look to bad." I say pointing to the big red sign.

He smiles so big and turns to get closer. "That was my favorite place to eat at when I was little. Have you ever heard of it?" I shake my head no and he laughs and places his hand on my leg. "You are going to love it babe!" I hold his hand and he turns into the parking lot of his favorite place.

I look at the place more closely as Harry parks the car. It looks like a casual restaurant. I unbuckle my seat belt and before I even can get my hand on the door to open it, Harry is already there. I smile and grab my purse before he takes my hand to help me up. As I close my door, Harry grabs my waist. I gasp and he pushes me against the car, he is gentle but something inside me wishes he wasn't. As his hand is on the small of my back the other brushes the hair out if my face. "W-what are you d-doing?" I ask hesitantly. He laughs and brings me closer to him. Our hips touch and I suck in a breath when I feel him.

"I wanted to take you so badly in the movie, that dress is a tempting little thing." He says to me as he moves closer to my ear and neck. His lips attack my neck and I jump from the contact. "Now baby you have to be still so I can do this or it will be worse later." he says and I settle down, enjoying his sweet assualt. Did he just say later? I hope he isn't going to have sex with me on our first date. Not that I don't want him to, but I am planning on waiting till I'm married before I do anything. I thought he had the same plan. Maybe I was wrong.

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