Why me?

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I yawned as i went to the cave of origin to visit Arceus. It's too dang early in the morning for him to be summoning me. As i made my way to Acreus's chamber i felt my eyes drooping, and i had to shake my head. Well i guess i need to stop visiting lumiouse at about midnight. 

"Mew Two." Arceus's voice rang through the cave as i got closer, and soon i could see him standing on a rock.

"Greetings." I managed to mumble without yawning.

"I assume you heard of Mew's... let's say guardianship." He took a moment to find the right word. Even then i still don't think it was right.

"Yes. She woke me up like the little idiot she is." I muttered.

"No reason to speak badly of her. She's eccentric.  Now let's cover the matter of... she needs someone well... serious to keep her in check." He jumped off the rock to right it front of me. I felt dread run down my spine.

"You can't be serious. Why me of all the pokemon you could enlist?" I started babbling i think a little. I can't help with this i can't. i hate Mew i hate her i hate her i hate her. I say that at least...?

"You know they already are guardians. Even in Kalos. Xernas has a breeder called Christina and Yveltal has a yong ace trainer known as shawn. It's your turn." He ordered. 

"Which region am i going to?" I sighed.

"A region known as Oediv." He stated in a voice of power.

"And said region is where?" i questioned, narrowing my eyes.

"North. just keep going north."

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