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Mew two's P.O.V

"Ok so darkrai said to meet him in... what was that place called...?" Mew pounded her little paws on her head.

"We are in a completely different region and you forget where to go!? You incompetent-!" My voice started to get louder with every word.

"Patience mew two. Understand that mew is an embodiment of life itself. Joyful." Darkrai suddenly appeared from the shadows to interrupt me. Joy? She's an incompetent little pink rat! I sighed and put my hand...paw... whatever it is to my forehead. Yes even I the great mew two does not know some things.

"Darky, it's not his fault he's a big old grump! Think of what he's been through..." mew whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

"First of all i do not need your sympathy. Second, do you have an annoying and childish nickname for everyone?" I growled.

"Well of course I do! Arceus is arcy, cressilia is crissy, kyogre is auggie, groundon is-"

"Let me guess. Groundy." I moaned.

"Nope! Jennifer! Mostly just to annoy her cause her trainer calls her jenny." She squeaked and stuck out her little tongue. Groudon is a girl... that should take some getting used to... .

"Who on earth would call such a beast JENNY?" I said in my most disgusted tone.

"The same kind of child who nicknamed me Bartholomew." Darkrai muttered,"anyhow, who wants to hear some legends..."

"You are the embodiment of nightmares. I think I can do without story telling." I mumbled.

"You didn't have to cone here you know." Darkrai snapped.

"Who could say "no" to mew? She's... persuasive!" My last word squeaked. I didn't even know that was possible.

"I didn't exactly provide a debate..." mew broke in with a fake British accent. Hey she used the dictionary I gave her for Christmas! Which I totally don't celebrate... did I just think totally? My stars what is wrong with me?

"Earth to mewtwo! Hellllloooooo!" Mew was poking me and yelling into my ear.

"Oh, yes what is it?" I mumbled.

"I think you might wanna turn around... ." She put her paws over her mouth trying nit to giggle. I turned my head to see an umbreon with a firm bite around my tail. I quickly flicked it off and mew started howling with laughter.

"Th-this changes nothing!" I barked.

"Y-your face!" She choked out in between giggle fits.

"Where did darkai go?" I mumbled.

"He... left when... your face... bright red..." She started calming down.

"Right. Can we go yet?" I muttered getting my teleportation ready.

"Sure. This was worth it!" She smiled.

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