meeting mewla without battle

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Mew two's P.O.V

I sighed as I looked out over the city. It was a wonderful city that I tried to protect. I joined the legendary council to find purpose. So far I have no luck.

"Help someone!" I heard a scream come from below. I looked down to see a woman, her purse getting taken by a Theif. Without hesitation, I leaped into the ally and landed ninja style. For a moment the Theif and woman stopped and gawked.

"Give her the purse..." I ordered in my deep phycic voice, my eyes glowing to add effect. The Theif started to stutter, but he quickly gave the purse back and ran.

"Thank you! How can I ever repay you!" The woman started to come towards me. Before she knew it, I disappeared. I had transported onto the tallest tower's antenna. This was my personal favorite spot.

"Nice job twoey!" I heard a familiar giggle behind me.

"Hello... Mew..." I responded to my cat like counter part as I usually do. Except without the shadow ball.

"Mewla." She reminded while floating upside down.

"Where ever have my manners gone." I muttered.

"Anyway, darkrai invited me to sinnoh but he says I need an adult cause I'm not responsl... reponl..." She moved her mouth trying to say the word. Idiot.

"Responsible." I groaned "I'm guessing you want me to take you..."

"You know me so well twoey!" She smiled that perky smile of hers. How... cute... I mean annoying!

"Fine. Just stop calling me twoey!" I snapped.


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