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Mew's P.O.V

I shivered as i made my way over the region, looking for the town of Cisabi. I was assigned a girl named Fay and i couldn't bealief it! i can't wait! And Twoey said i was an inresponsible little clutz! I can't be since Arceus intrusted ME with a child to watch over. I don't plan on messing this up. From what i could tell, Oediv was a large region covered in mountains and snow. From the people i've seen recently i can tell Fay probably has a fashion style reflecting the fact it's always cold. Finally i saw it, the small town of Cisabi. It only had about ten houses and i saw a bunch of  firetype pokemon i hadn't even known existed. It was night time now, so i quickly did a check of all the houses until i found Fay's. Eventually i did. 627 Cisabi Oediv. i found a window with a tree next to it, only to see someone i didn't expect.

"Twoey?!" I gasped "What are you doing here?"  I tilted my head, i was a bit puzzled.

"We're both her gaurdian. And we amde a deal to stop calling me "Twoey." He sounded even grounchier then usual!

"Sheesh lighten up. wait... WHAT! Arceus sent YOU too? But he said he thought i could handle it!" I squeaked, i felt tears welling up in my eyes. Was what Twoey told me true? That im too childish and nobody could trust me? Was that why Arceus sent Twoey? Did Arceus give me guardianship over FAy jsut out of PITY?

"Oh sheesh don't cry.  We need to stay hidden. " Was that actual panic/sympathy in his voice? Or am i just ha-halu-halucinicating? Haluticipating...? WHATEVER! I stopped hovering and sat on the ground, just looking at my feet. (paws?)

"Mewla... Arceus sent me because umm... He thought that Fay was too big a challange for one legendary. She's so... Eccentric! But he was afraid you wouldn't be enough to handle her so he sent me!" Twoey actually let out a nervous smile. TWOEY. SMILED.

"Really...?" i sniffled.

"Ya sure whatever.' He muttered. I started floating again and gave him a big hug.

"I know thats probably not true but thank you." I squeaked.

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