Stay hidden

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"Okay mewla... We have to stay silent and we have to make sure Fay doesn't see us. Got it?" I sighed and put my hand on the bridge of my nose.

"Don't talk down to me! I know exactly what we have to do." She huffed and crossed her little arms. She slipped into the tree without so much as a rustle. She knows how to be quiet when it counts, i'll give her that. I shook my head and turned invisible. If it weren't for this stupid guardian buisness i could be miles away from Mew and i would be Mew-free for who knows how long. We watched the sunrise in peace. The snow reflected the light into my eyes and i put a hand over them. How can people live in such an environment?

"I'll be home after i get my pokemon! Later Mama!" A little girl who seemed to be in about ten layers of coats dashed out the door. "Goodness it's so hot out here." She laughed and kept running. I floated onto the rooftops and watched her as she stumbled through the snow. She found this... warm?

"She's so weird. I love it!" Mew squeaked.

"Get out of my mind!" I snapped.  She chuckled and followed the girl, leaving me to follow.

"Fay wait up!" A boy in a heavy orange coat huffed. Fay stopped and impatiently stomped her foot into the snow.

"Well then hurry up Inuyasha!" She whined. he finally caught up to her and she slowed her pace. I tilted my head slightly at the two.

"ship ship ship ship ship ship ship." Mew sang and bobbed her head.

"You've been watching those anime conventions again." I sighed and shook my head. I just don't see the appeal in watching humans dressing up and buying merchandise that just clutters their rooms.

"Lighten up twoey." She laughed and followed the two children into a lab.

"Is she insane?" I muttered to myself and peered into the window. I saw a woman with long red hair and glasses in a long skirt and buttoned up lab coat. that must be professor Evergreen. (WHERE DID THE ITALICS AND BOLD PRINT GO?)

"Professor Evergreen!" The two children ran into the building calling out the professor's name in unison. I looked around for Mew and saw she perched herself on a book shelf. I sighed in exasperation. That little idiot is going to get caught if she keeps these types of things up.

"Hello Fay, Inuyasha. I see you came to get your pokemon." She smiled and opened a capsule. The children were hopping up and down with excitement.

"Excited are we? Well come meet them all. Chevek!" She sent out the stater pokemon. A little green thing that looked like a bonsly with oran berries growing on it's side.  "Cryithm!" A little iceberg like pokemon came out, except it seemed to have water flowing through it and it looked as if it was sculpted to look like a litleo with cat eyes. "Lofae!" A little poochyena pokemon came out. It had a brown front and a black back and a white stub of a tail with more of a houndour face.

"Pick wisely." The Professor advised. These pokemon surely can't amount to much? But then again i don't know much of this reason. I sneezed and caught the attenion of the Lofae. It growled and went up to the window to sniff at the sill. I froze. Could it see me?

"You! Where are you! who are you? Why are you here!?" She barked.

"I choose that one." Fay laughed and picked up the small pokemon and held her like a baby in one hand and rubbed her stomach with the other.

"I don't know who you are but i like you!" The small pokemon rubbed her head against her new trainer's neck. I tilted my head. Is that what most bonds between trainer and pokemon are made of? The trainer simply just treating them like children?

"then i choose this one!" Inuyasha broke my thoughts and "fist-bumped" the Cryithm.

"You can nickname your pokemon if you wish." The professor  suggested. Fay looked at her pokemon in thought and snapped her fingers.

"I'll call you Ginger!" She laughed.

"Ooooh i like that! is that a food by chance because if so i sounds delicous!" Ginger rambled and bit and i zoned out for a moment. What did i do to deserve this exactly?

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