The Car pt. 1

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You wake up the next morning. You don't want to do anything today. Being alone made you realize how scared you were of things.

The assault, the letter and then the phone call left a bad taste in your mouth.

You wouldn't have moved from your bed but today was your 7-3 shift at the dealership.

You're not a car dealer, only the secretary but you liked it.

You stepped out of bed and did your morning routine. Stepping from the shower you dried your hair with a towel and got dressed.

You rushed down the stairs at you realized it's 6:35 and it takes you 20 or so minutes to arrive to work.

You opt for putting your shoes on in your car and run out the door before locking it.

*briiiinnnng briiinnnnng*

You quickly answer your phone.

"Yeah?" You say rushes as you enter your car

"Just making sure you're up."

You smile softly as you remember whose ringtone this is.

"Good Morning, Felix." You say with a giggle as you pull out of your driveway and pull off

"Should I pick you up food? I've clocked in and as you are probably aware, hard-ass isn't in yet."

"Ohhhhhh please!" You beg, "I'll literally love you forever." You say

He sighs jokingly, "Fine Princess. What do you want?"

You give him your order and blush slightly as he tells you to get whatever, no matter the price.

You were tempted but didn't because you were appreciative of him and didn't want to take him for granted.

You end the call as you pull into the dealership. You park in the back and exit your car, walking through the back door.

"Hey Ara." The security guy says without moving from the screen as he eats his cereal

"Morning Jinyoung." You say with a smile

"How was your night?"

You stay still, trying to figure out exactly what to say,

"A night." You finally decide, "Yours?"

"A night." He chuckles and you join in before he buzzes you in.

"Time clocks down so I'll mark your time in!" He yells

"Mm!" You yell back as you enter the main lobby area.


You close your eyes in defeat from not being able miss this woman's entrance.

You slowly turn towards the voice and give the best fakest smile that you can.

"Hey Momo." You say as the woman prances over to you

"How are you?" She says uninterested


"Great. How's Felix?"

"Why don't you ask him yourself?"

"Because I'm asking you? Maybe if you weren't up his ass—"

"Look Momo," you say as you roll your eyes, "It's 7 in the morning. It's too damn early for you to be having one of your bitchy fits so leave me the fuck alone." You seethe as you stomp to your desk.

Momo stands in the middle of the display lobby before huffing and clacking her heels against the tiled floor further away in the distance.

"Ding Dong!"

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