The Cut Off Memories

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You've never felt happier to be basking in the warm sunlight after escaping from that ghoulish building you've been staying in. You spent around ten minutes walking down the long corridors and opening the incorrect doors before finally finding the building's main entrance... or is it exit in this case? As you can see, your sense of direction was completely out of whack.

After successfully finding your way outside the maze-like interior of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlour, you were greeted by two people. At first, they seemed to be a little bit shocked from seeing you in regular clothes rather than your original Fatui uniform but they welcomed you regardless.

"Goodmorning!" Paimon waved excitedly, flailing her arms in the air.

Lumine grinned cheerfully as well, "I'm glad to see that you're alright, [Y/N]. I was afraid that we would have to pry open a coffin just in case you were buried by accident... Hu Tao tends to get too excited about her business."

You felt a crooked smile run along your lips as you waved your hand to dismiss the Traveller's assumption, "Director Hu Tao is a great hostess...! I'm just grateful she's allowing me to stay with her regardless of my military background... ahaha..."

"Well then, it's great news to know that both of you are getting along." Lumine turned on her heels and motioned for you to follow. "Today's schedule consists of zero battles, so you should be alright weaponless today. As promised, I will be helping you with finding a cure for your brother's sickness. Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Chongyun are waiting for us near the main bridge into the Harbour."

There was really nothing else you could do, it wasn't like you thought for yourself either. So, without another word, you followed Lumine and Paimon.

They led the way in the left direction, nonchalantly walking past the Millelith Guards as a way to not draw attention to themselves. Children were running around in all their joy as well as street vendors trying to bring attention to the items that they were selling.

Still, you couldn't shake off the fact that the Northland Bank was quite literally on top of your head. It would be very unlucky if you were to be spotted by one of the Fatui workers there- or even Master Childe.

You looked and felt like the Snezhnayan tourist everyone said you were, this casual outfit was practically the perfect camouflage and almost foolproof. You swear to her majesty the Tsaritsa that you looked at some Millelith Officers dead in the eyes and they only reacted with "evil shall never prevail!" At least you didn't feel like an idiot...

After a few minutes of walking down a long, long flight of stairs, you were escorted towards the Harbour's bridge. To the left and behind a steaming food cart was the trio of best friends, they also greeted you warmly.

"Hello, my liege!" Xingqiu waved.

Xiangling was happily stirring a boiling pot, "Good morning!"

"Hey," Chongyun acknowledged your arrival, pausing his popsicle licking.

"Hi, everyone..." You replied in the strongest voice you could.

The exorcist laughed inwardly, "You look exhausted."

"That seal of protection you gave me... made me have a really weird dream..." You explained with mortification, shivering at the memory.

"Don't blame me, Fatui girl, you're the one who's sleeping on top of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlour." Chongyun's lips pulled into a grin as he chewed down on the popsicle stick. "So, what's gotten you so worked up, [Y/N]? Did you dream about ghosts or something along those lines?"

You answered truthfully, "I dreamt about my boss... and it was a very disturbing dream... I don't usually get scared of harmless nightmares, but last night I couldn't help but genuinely feel terrified."

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