Judar x Oc for DragonicDemon

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"Get the fuck up. Bitch, I don't have time for your bullshit." Judar pushes you off from the tree you were sleeping in. What seemed like a serene nap in a tree turned sour.

"Instead of 'bitch' why don't you say my name?" You spat back at judar, smirking a little. Judar gets down on one knee "Oh my majesty, Kouyuki-sama, please forgive me for stupidity!" Judar says, sarcastically.

"Oh shut up, what is it that you need so bad?" You crack your knuckles furiously. "That wrinkly grandma wants to see you for some meeting." Judar starts spinning his wand out of sheer boredom. "Or...you can skip it and we go burn down some village or some shit. What do you say?"

"Are you kidding me?" You stare at Judar, who only stared back at you. "Of course I want to burn down a village, let's go." "Yay!" Judar puts his arm around you as the two of you walk towards a lovely little village.

(One village later)

You throw down your bloody twin swords beside you as you crash against a tree. "That was fun." You say, closing your eyes.

"Dammit now I'm bored again." Judar lays on your lap. You sigh as you stare off from the cliff the two of you were. The village was inflames, the smell of ash and burning flesh filled the air. Other than that, it was a pretty nice sunset. The sky was a ruby colour with dabs of pale yellow, the moon was barely visible, and the wind blew the stench away from the two of you.

"Isn't it strange how we get along? We are always told we are different." Judar suddenly says. "Yeah, I guess. I mean if it wasn't for you finding me at the slums, we wouldn't be friends." You looked up towards the ruby colored sky.

"Also cause you dress like a slut no one would expect us to be friends." Says judar, flatly. "Look who's talking, your shirt reveals your stomach. Has it occured to you that your abs look like a vagina?" You smacked his forehead lightly.

"At least I have friends." Judar smiles at you. "What friends? Don't kid yourself." Judar and you loved dissing each other, the two of you didnt really care. "Slut!" "Vagina abs!" (A/N: XD I caught up in the manga and everytime I see judar, all I focus on is his abs. Which, on mangahere, everyone says his abs look like a vagina.)

"Com'on! Let's go back home! The old guys at Al Tharmen won't yell at me but they sure as hell are gonna yell at you!" Judar hops up and stretches. "Fine. But if I get yelled at by Kouen I'm blaming you." You picked up your swords. Not caring that blood was dripping down your ki poe.

(Back to the hell hole! I-I mean palace!)

By the time you return, night had fallen.

"I hope you understand what your actions has caused." Kouen doesn't even look up from his stack of papers while he scolds you. You were being yelled at in kouen's office, books and tea cups littered the place. "That was a innocent village that we were going to conqour."

"Um questions? First of all, why are you yelling at me? Second, why are you only scolding me? Judar begged me to go." You put your hands on your hips.

"Because, he is the priest of the Kou Empire. And you are the emperor's 9th daughter. He ranks higher than you, Kouyuki. Not to mention that we rescued you from the slums." Kouen reaches over to grab a peice of paper at the edge of his desk.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." You turn around. "I'm going to go. This bores me."

As you walk out, you see judar, sitting on the roof eating peaches and throwing the pits at people. "Kouyuki!" He hops down from the roof, shingles droping as he jumped.

"So? How badly are you screwed?" He questions as he puts his arm around you. "I'm Not screwed." You his arm away from you. You try to walk away from him, but he just kept on catching up to you.

"Why are you always so moody?" Judar pouts. "Am I now?" You walked even quicker. "Hey! I actually had something important to say!" Judar shouts at you.

You sigh as you turn around. "What, my priest?" You throw your hands up in the air. "Are you seriously mad at me right now?" Judar sighs. "Fineeeee! I'll see you later when you cool off." With that, the two of you walk in opposite directions.

(About two hours later.)

You found yourself on the same tree you fell alsleep on this afternoon. You never knew why but the thick branch you slept on felt more comfortable than your actual bed.

"Nice night isn't it?" That voice...that voice that gave you shivers whenever you heard it... Judar's voice. You got up and faced judar.

You smiled as he walked closer to you. "Oh, Judar. What do I own this pleasent suprise?" "Oi, I need to ask you something." He smirks. "Would you like to conqour a Dungeon with me?"

"What?" You gasp. You wanted power. Of course you did, you were only human. But you were determind to find another way. "You heard me, conqour a Dungeon with me, I want to see you rise to power."

He puts his arm around you once again. "I can show you the world. Shining, shimering, splended!" He looks up towards the sky. The sky was filled with twinkling stars. The moon seemed brighter than ever.

"Why me?" "Hmm?" Judar's smile goes away. "Why me? I may like bloodshed but honestly, my skills aren't that special." You stare into judar's blood-hungry red eyes.

"Oh, My little Kouyuki..." he leans in close to you, his lips centimeters from yours. "...There is no need for you to pretend that you are weak." He pulls away. "You are strong, Very strong. Heck, perhaps even stronger than Kougyoku. I want you to fight beside me, I want you to be there with me when I throw this world of ours into turmoil."

That sick grin of his resurfaces. "Kouyuki, Conqour a Dungeon with me!" This time, you gave him a sick grin of your own. "Yes...Yes I will!" You ran into his arms, they constricted your waist. In the heat of the moment, he kissed you on your lips.

"Oops." He quickly regretted his act, he feared for his life as you stood there, suprised. "I don't care!" You took the initiative and kissed him. He basicly devoured your face. Oh why, why did the fates curse you. For someone so hot be so bad at kissing.

He pulled away, still gripping onto your face. "Hey, does this mean you're mine now?" Your smile widened even more. "Of course." "Great, that means I won't be yelled at for doing this!" He picked you up bridal-style and started running for the closest spare bedroom.

He laid you down gently. "Hey!" You say between giggles. "What are you doing?" He started kissing you, they slowly trailed down your neck and his hand moved closer towards south. "I think we should have a little bit of fun before we go dungeon capturing!" The two of you smile. He already had a dungeon in mind to capture. well, besides yours. (A/N: OHHHHHHHH SNAP SON!)

(Bonus! About a year later!)

"Judar!" You ran up to the dark magi, who watched Kouha spar. "Whatttt!" He looked towards you, slightly annoyed. "I got good news to tell you!" Kouha stop sparing and listened with much interest.

"I'm...I'm..." you blushed. "Out with it woman!" Judar was very curious with what you were about to say. Kouha stared at the two of you, like you two were insane.

"Pregnant. I'm pregnant. Judar, I'M PREGNANT!" You hopped with excitement. "Wait what!? Are you sure?!" Judar's eyes widened, he was flabbergasted. "Wait, you two had sex?" Kouha blurts out, clearly amused.

"Oh god, Oh god, OH GOD. WE'RE NOT EVEN MARRIED OH MY GOD!" Judar gets up and starts scaling the wall that divied him from you and his favorite peach tree.

"GET BACK HERE!" You tried to go after him but you were stopped by kouha. "Wait Kouyuki, you're pregnant, I would advise you to not do anything crazy." He trys his best to not laugh.

"FUCKEN' HELL!" You shout loudly.

(A/N: wooo! I finally finished this! I did not draw this, DragonicDemon did! Thanks for requesting! I gotta say that more often! It was fun writing this! Hope you enjoyed!)

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