Small Update!

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So this is basically the only break I've had in a 5 days, but i just want to tell you guys that i might not update until spring break! My teachers think it would be fun to cram a million tests in the month of March.

I am putting aside like 3 essays to write this as sad as it seems.

It's a damn shame cause i have two stories all planned out and i can't publish or write them for that matter cause i already have 3 stories in the works and the lack of time.

;_; someone please rescue me from this hell called school. t(._.t) FUCK YOU SCHOOL.

Please dont get mad at me people who requested! But blame the shitty school i go to. I will get to you but slowly. Q.Q

Ima go back to my pile of homework.
*puts on headphones and sobs quietly as i scribble shitty words on a piece of paper.*

I can't recall the last time i slept 8 hours. i have like 5.5 hours a night. We broke 2k btw. Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. T.T

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