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"Hey morigiana!" You scream to the fanalis, waving like a maniac. She turns around with her gorgeous hair swishing, with her. "What is it (name)?" She says. "Have you seen Alibaba anywhere? I looked all around the Sindrian palace and I couldn't find him. " you say, concerned. "Oh..." she says, looking to the ground. "He went over seas to vsit Qi'Shan." "WHAT?!" You scream. You just saw him 3 hours ago. So he couldn't be that far.  You start runing to the harbors hoping that you could catch a boat to Qi'Shan.

    Away from your field of sight and hearing, Morgiana runs to the library to meet someone. And that someone is Alibaba Saluja. "Is it ready?" She asks, as she walks in. "Not yet! Buy me more time!" Alibaba says, with confetti all over his hair. "Don't worry! I got Yamariha to stall her down at the Harbor!" She say smiling. "The party is going to need more flowers!" You hear Aladdin scream from some where. "Right!"

You had reached the Harbor. But why were there so little ships? As you asked the fishermen but they all seemed to ignore you. You were getting pissed. ' *Damn! I just can't *wait* until I get my hands on Alibaba's neck!*' "(Name)?" You turn around to see Yamariha, with Ja'far following her, who was writing furriously about his wedding plans. (a/n: i wonder who he is marrying? Hmm.. c; )"Now this a supprise!" Yamariha smiles "How about we go to a cafe to talk?" "I would love too, but I have to go to Qi'shan. Alibaba had gone of to Qi'shan and I must talk to him." "Wait." Ja'far looks up from writing. "Alibaba is in Qi'shan? I swear I just-" "JA'FAR!" Yamariha hits him on his head with her staff, cutting off his sentence. "Er..I mean uh...(name)! Let go to that cafe shall we?" "Uh..Sure, yam!"

Inside the cafe was was colorful. It was shaped like a pentagon, each wall was a different color. Ja'far was still writing, you just sat there awkwardly. "So..." Yam breaks the silence. "A little birdie told me that today is your 2nd anniversary with Alibaba!" You blush. it was both exsiting yet disapointing. You had planned EVERYTHING for tonight and then Alibaba goes and runs off to Qi'shan. Just great. "Hey Yam. Are you and Sharrkan dating?" "WHAT?! No!" She screams and blushes. "N-No Way! i would never!" "You're blushing!" you guys talk for about 3 hours. "I think it's about time to go back to the palace." Yamariha gets up and shakes Ja'far awake. "Ah!" You completly forgot about going to Qi'shan. Yam has that effect on people. "I forgot to go to Qi'shan!" "Don't worry! You can catch the earliest one tomorrow. But lets go back to the palace shall we?" "...Fine." you we pretty bummed out that you were going to spend your anniversary alone but when he gets back, he was going to get it.

    Back at the library, everything was set. The confetti and flowers were in place, the soup Alibaba made was still hot. all was left was for (name) to arrive. "Alibaba!" Morgiana ran into the room. "Wait no!-" the confetti trap was triggered. "Ahh!" The poor Fanalis was pelted with pounds and pounds of confetti. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry!" She bows down. "*sigh* It's fine! We still have time until (name) comes back!" "No you don't! (name) is just outside of the front gate!" "shit." The blond says, paceing back and forth.

    You were back into the palace, which was filled with people running. "(Name)!" You turn to face Pisti, who was at the brink of crying. "What's wrong?" You say, conserned. "Th-There is a problem in the library!" "Bring me to the library!" You scream.


    The area around the library was empty. Strange. "O-Open the door!" Says Pisti, who was hiding behind you. As you open the door, you feel pisti push you into the library and hear the door closing and locking it. 'Damn what is going on today?!' You look up to see a blond covered with confetti and flowers. "Oh, um, H-Hey (name)!" You pause. 'Wait a minute, so he WASN'T IN QI'SHAN?! He was going to need ice after this.' "W-Wait!" He clears his throat. "I was planning this HUGE surprise Anniversary party for you but the confetti trap kinda failed and i could tell that this probably was not a good idea for you to think i was in Qi'shan but..." you couldn't take it anymore. "Pfttt..Ahahaha!" You broke out laughing.  "Here i was, staying up late and planning for our anniversary when you already had one!" You run into his arms. "C'mon! I want to see what else you have planed!


    First of all, the soup Alibaba made was amazing. Second, you two steped out and went to go for a midnight walk on then beach. Thirdly... "(name), will you marry me?" "OMAIGERD. YES." Alibaba had Porposed to you, on a beach. You were beyond happy. "Alibaba?" "Mhm?" You hugged him, falling together on the sand. "You are NEVER going to do that again." You sunggled against his chest. "I will not." You two cuddle and fall alsleep on the beach.

(Bonus: you were woken up by Alibaba's hand ruffling your hair. "Good morning,Mrs. Saluja." He says smiling. "You too, Mr. Saluja" you say back too him. You two kiss as you head back to the palace.)

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