Aladdin x Reader for: AnimeGamer_chik part 1

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You were running some errands for Spartos, your mentor. You were one of the strongest soilders in the Sindrian palace."Miss (name)!" You turn around to see the blue magi running towards you. "Oh, hi Aladdin!" He jumps on to your chest. "A-Aladdin!" You blush. "GET OFF YOU LITTLE PIECE OF-" you didn't like being angry. "Oops! Sorry, what did you need?" Aladdin always thought you were a mean person inside of a nice person's body.

    "I was hoping that you would teach me some of your fighting skills!" He says smiling. "W-Why would you need to know fighting skills?? You're a magi!" You say to him. "I want to get stronger! So I could fight up close too!" His eyes sparkled as he spoke. You can't say no. I mean com'on, who can refuse when he looks so cute? "S-S-Sure! But why would you ask me? Why not ask Master Spartos? I mean, not that I have a problem with that or-or anything!" Even thought you could snap pretty easily you were very shy.

"Mister Spartos is strict and scary! Unlike you miss! You're nice and patient!" "*sigh* fine! But it you try to touch my chest again, I WILL END YOU." You stare down at him. he backs away slowly.

(time skip!)

"Aladdin! Get up!" Aladdin and you were training. But he just didn't seem cut out for your fighting style. "*pants* C-Can we take a break, miss?" The magi says, exhausted. "Aladdin, I we've only been training for 10 minutes." You say, disapointed at him slightly.

    Your head was filled with questions. "Aladdin, why would want to learn how to fight with me? I thought you learned how to fight at Magonoshatt?" You inquired. "Well...I really didn't want to learn how to fight... I wanted to be with you!" You were shocked. It's not like you haven't been with someone before but, the way Aladdin confessed was suprising. He didn't seem shy about it, he just seemed happy he got this off his chest. You respected that.

    "Well get over here!" He runs into you, hugging you. "(Name)! I love you!" He nuzzles your chest lightly. But you let him pass this time. "....." "Com'on! I have some place to show you!" Aladdin starts draging you to this 'place' "put on this blindfold!"

   "Are we there yet?" "A little further, Miss!" You felt a cool breeze on your face as you walked to this mystery place. "We're here!" You tear off your blindfold. "Aladdin!" You found yourself on top of a cliff, over seeing all of Sindria.

    The air smelled like flowers and the ocean. The wind combed your hair as you leaned outwards towards the cliff's edge. You felt a warm presence press up against you. (Name), it gets pretty cold up here. He puts his arm around you. "Aladdin...I'm glad I'm here with you" you give him a squeeze.

    "Miss (Name). I can't breath." He says his voice was strained as he tried to escape your grasp. "Oh oops! Sorry!" You had a new-found respect for Aladdin. You knew he had a crush on you, which was adorable. "Miss (name)? Are you alright? You are just staring out into space!" The boy says, a little conserned. "No no! Its nothing!" You blush. "I think I might love you..Aladdin." you look into his eyes. They glittered with happiness. "I do too!" He kisses your forehead. He held your head gently. He pulled away and smiled. You were smitten.

     A week had passed since you were on the cliff with Aladdin."Miss (name)!" You turn around to see Aladdin, running up to you quickly. "Yes Aladdin?" "Can you meet me at the cliff in 3 hours? Also, Yam has something for you to do!" He gives you one final kiss on the cheek and left.

    'Hmm.. I wonder what is he planning.' You wernt paying attention to where you were walking. You ran into Sharrkan, he had his wife around his waist. (A/N: who Is that...I wonder. Hmmmmm...) "Oh hi (name)!" She gives you a hug.  "Sorry! I don't have time right now! I must go to Yam. I hear she has a task for me." You say, apologetically. "No problem! We're just going to see Aladdin. I hear he's throwi-" her sentence was cut off by Sharrkan's hand. "A-Anyways! We're going to find Ja'far! Yeah Ja'far! See ya!" He left as he flicked your nose lightly. "H-Hey!" You turned around and rushed towards Yamariha's office.

"Yammy?" You walk into a empty room. Well, almost empty. Yam had gotten a new cat. It purred as you stroked it's belly. "Hm? My my, I seem to have company!" Yamariha had walked in with a arm full of scrolls. "Oh yeah! Um..Aladdin told me to come see you! He said you had a mission for me!" You say. You were always stunned by yammy's beauty. "Oh right! I need you to go to the libaray to pick up the new shipments of textbooks. Normally I would do it myself but recently, I've been so swamped with paperwork that I need some help. Can I trust you to do this?" "Yes, ma'mam!" You bow and walk towards the libaray.

    After you left, aladdin entered the room briefly."Thank you, Yam!" Aladdin thanks the sorceress, who was blushing madly. "Aladdin, you are sure about this right?" Yam says, looking serious. "Yes, I am miss." Aladdin says, smiling. "Well I guess you should go. You have a party to throw." Yam says as she containues to do her paperwork.

    "Is that all you need ma'mam?" The delivery man says, bored out of his mind."Yes. You are excused to leave." You say, sounding professional. You were exhausted. All you wanted to do was nap. "Oh fuck." You promised to go to the cliff with Aladdin! You ran quickly. "Dammit!"

(Time skip)

   "wait, wait, shh! She's coming!" You reached the cliff. But Aladdin seemed to not be there. You sighed and was about to walk back to the palace when, "Suprise!" Half the palace was there on that cliff. "Happy birthday, (name)!" Aladdin hugs you. You smile. "Thanks that...."Your best friend in the world, Ren Kouha was standing right there. You squeal. You don't talk to kouha everyday, cause of the large distance between you two and because of you have little to none magoi, you can't use the eye of the rukh that often. "I had him come! He is your best friend in the world after all!" Aladdin says smiling. "OMAIGWADICANKISSYOUALADDIN!" You kiss him on the cheek and run towards kouha.

   "Kouha!" You run into him. "Dammit (name)! I love you and everything cause you're my best friend but, jesus! Quit messing up my hair!" He pushes you off. "But happy birthday I got you a present!" " didn't have to! Seeing you was enough!" "Great! Cause my present is me staying for 2 weeks! Aladdin had arranged everything. Also, Judar would not stop showing off his new girlfriend. (a/n: totally not foreshadowing) It has come to the point where I'm staying at Sindria." Kouha says, fixing his hair.

"Kouha!" You hug him.

"You go enjoy your party, I'm going to go talk to ja'far's fiance. She's a riot." "pfttt.... have fun." You wave good bye to him. Where was Aladdin? You looked through the crowds. "Aladdin!"

    You found him sitting alone with his legs dangling off the cliff. "Aladdin?" He turned his head towards you slightly, a tear slowly rolled down his cheek. "Aladdin!" "Oh..erm..(name)! It's nothing!" He says, with a fake smile on his face. "No it is not!" You hug him, squeezing him tightly. "(Name), you're going you break my ribs if you hug me too much." You let go. "Why are you crying!?" "I guess I'm just homesick." He smiles lightly. "You are home! Home is where your loved ones are!" You say, your voice breaks a little as you speak.

"I love you Aladdin!" You screamed that loud enough for everyone to hear. Everyone faces you, the music stops, the people stop partying."D-Did she just confess?!" You hear alibaba scream from the crowd. 'Fuck' you blush, so does Aladdin. "I love you too, (name)!" 

Right then was a new era. An era about your adventures with Aladdin. Every moment was amazing. C:

(A/n: here you go! I'm sorry it took so long! I just found it hard to romantize Aladdin for some reason. I didn't write a bonus this chapter cause I might write another Aladdin one shot in the future. Think of this as part one and in the far future, part 2!)

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