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(A/N: lemon. Fuckkkk.......why did I agree to this....oh well! Don't read this unless you want your mind to be contaminated. I tried to make this not so dirty but...yeah. now excuse me, I must take an extra long shower, or a bubble bath with 5 bath bombs...)

"Masur!" You screamed loudly towards the fanalis. His eyes lazed over. You ran towards him. "Hello." He says in that monatone voice of his. "I thought you said you were going to reim today?" You say Masur. "Yeah."  "…" "don't you have work to do?" He questions. "Y-Yeah! Um... I'll see you when you depart?" You turned around and ran full speed away into another hallway.

     "Man...I thought being a fanalis is hard..." you leaned towards a wall. It was a cloudy day, it looks as if the sky was about to cry.

    you hated the constant silence that you had with Masur. There was nothing you loved more than Masur. You confessed to him a year ago. That was the first and last time you remember him kissing you. You would constantly try to get his attention, but being a general seemed to take up most of his time.

     "*sigh* might as well go back to work." You away from the courtyard. "Sometimes I wish a lightning bolt would strike the ship Masur is boardin-" BOOM. Your sentence was cut off by A LIGHTNING STRIKE. You peered out an window. There was smoke near the harbor, a ship caught on fire. 'Fucken....' you started running for the harbor.

(Time skip)

"I said I'm fine."

Masur's ship was struck by lightning. He was electrocuted by a lightning strike. Nothing was broken, but he was still hospitalized. The ship he was boarding was destroyed by the strike.

    "No you're not. eat." You spoon fed Masur porridge. "*nom*" he ate it without problem. "I wanna get up. I will swin to reim if I have to." Masur trys to get up, but you push him back down. "I will stop you." You say, swirling the bowl of porridge. "Then you can come with me." Masur stares at you, fully serious.

     "I would love to go reim with you, to visit the fanalis corps again, but unfortunatly I am needed in Sindria. Say ahh." you lifted the spoon up to masur's mouth. "Speaking of which, my break is over, I am going to my office. Goodbye." 

    You set your bowl next to Masur's bedside. "Wait!" Masur pulled you in towards him, your lips crashed onto each other. You felt his tongue slip in to your mouth, touching every crevice and corner of your mouth.

    You pulled away. You were suddenly on top of him, masur gave you a slight, sexy smile. "You sure about this?" You says to him, barely able hold in your excitement. "Yes, of course I am."

    Masur lifted up your shirt, removing your clothes lovingly. The two of you switch positions, masur being on top. His kisses trailed down your neck, his tongue danced across your stomach as he stoped using tongue and started using his fingers.

    You spread your legs, letting masur's fingers slip in. His fingers stroked your womanhood, you tried your best to stifle a moan. You hugged masur, well more like strangling him, around the waist. You didn't have much 'experience'.

      He dug his fingers deep inside of you. He went slow at first then faster and harder. You reached down, grabing his member, stroking it back and forth. Things were getting really heated.

But then you took a break and looked out the window, the sun was setting, and you had done no paperwork today.

    "Dammit!" You try your best to get up. "No, stay." Masur starts sucking you on your neck. "No, masur, the sun is setting, meaning Ja'far is going to murder me if I don't fill out all the paperwork." You say, stroking masur's red hair. "Stop it. I'm getting up." He finally stopped

     "Thank you..." you put your shirt back on. "...try to rest, got that?" You stared at him. "Yes." Masur returned to his monotone self. You smiled. As the two of you were 'doing the deed'. You realized that masur loved you. You loved him. The two of you made a dangerous team, with the most dangerous weapon, love.

"Ah well, time to go back to my office." You walked slowly toward the office, where Ja'far will most likely yell at you.

(A/N: yeah, I'm really sorry lol. I didn't want it too lemony sorry! Q.Q)

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