Did you miss me? *Smiles slyly* Well, that's too bad!

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As you might have noticed, i dissapeared. Or not, i dont really mind. Not sure how to say this buuuut...im gonna quit writing one-shot for a long while.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can already the rage of those who actually enjoy my shittly written stories. But i am gonna containue this again when season 3 comes out. Why? Cause, i get bored. And i did. I took a long break to train for this big preformance i had at my ballet studio. I got the part if you are wondering. C:

After that, i went on a plane to sacramento to visit my dad. But now i should have more time to write. But during that time, i read the newest Magi chapters. I had to stop myself cause SHIT WAS GOING DOWN. I had to stop myself. And that initial excitement wore down.

I'm gonna go finish the remaining requests then pause this until fall. I will still write, but about other things. Like utaites or some shit. You know what? Yeah, i'll write about Utaites!

You know what? Fuck my past system. I am gonna show you my list. Here it is!

1. Koumei x OC For IreneKirkland
2.Titus x Reader For ReaBaskerville
3. Kouha x Reader For Garakuta-Shoujo

Yup. Then i will close this until fall. If you wanted to request but didn't or didn't tell me at the right place (you were supposed to inbox me!) That's too bad. If you do request now, im not gonna write it. Yup. I feel like a hardass today.

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