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"Kira, can I trust you to go hand these to prince kouen? These new war straigies are pending for his approval." Koumei hands Kira a arm full of scrolls, which felt heavier that it looked.

Kira sighed as she took the scrolls from him. It was a beautiful day, the sun was bright and the sky blue as ever. "Jeez, and here I thought you were going to do something romantic." She says, a smile forming as she spoke.

Koumei's face reddened as Kira said the word 'romantic'. "W-Well we do fun things sometimes too..." "Weekly sex isn't as romantic as you think!" Kira shouted, halfway out the door. "I love you." Kira said, turning her head around as she walked. Koumei ran out his door to see her leave.

"I love you too, Miss Kira Kurogane." He says "come on! Drop the formalities already!" Kira screams, turning around.

"I love you...Kira..." koumei says softly, so only he can hear it. As soon as you were away from his sight, he ran back into his room crashing into a chair. "Ahhhh...I chickened out again..." he reached into one of his side drawers from his desk.

What he pulled out was a small gold ring, with a large ruby in place of a diamond. Koumei broke the box it came in so he was going to have to propose with out it, he hoped it was still okay. 'This is going to be the day!' He thought silently.

+About a half an hour later. When Kira gets back from the chore+

"Kira!" He stuck his head out the doorway, he was going to act before his conscience catches up. "Huh?" She was just going to walk past Koumei's war room. "Will you-" "KOUMEI THERE YOU ARE!"

Kouha ran up between the two of you. He pushed Koumei back into his war room. "WE HAVE SOMETHING EXTREMLY IMPORTANT TO TALK ABOUT." He looked paniced "what?" Koumei reached out his hand to reach Kira but Kouha closed the door before Kira could pull him out of that situation.

"What were you thinking?!" Kouha screamed at Koumei. "I was going to propose!" Koumei shouted back.

"That porposal was the most boring shit i've seen all day! Look, I wasn't going to tell you this but..." kouha looked side to side. "I'm not supposed to tell you this but me and judar have a bet going on to see if you're actually gonna get engaged. Judar's chances of winning really fucking high. The stakes are also high, the loser has to go and hit on the ugliest maid we can find in the Kou Palace. If you don't get engaged I'll lose!"

Koumei stood there, somewhat confused. *they knew already? How? I didn't tell anybody!* "How do you know that I was going to propose to Kira?" Koumei says, a blushing alittle. "You walk behind her mouthing the words 'Marry me.' " Kouha stares at koumei like he was retarded.

"Oh..." koumei yawned. "I'll try again later..." "I'll help you propose to Kira! I won't be able to feel like I accomplished anything if you try to propose like that again. Let's go to my room!"

Kouha happily skipped to the door. "Com'on! I need to fix you up!" Koumei already regretted whatever Kouha is going to

"Come! Sit here! "

He sat down a stool. Kouha immediately started doing your hair. "For the rest of today, DON'T FUCKING TOUCH YOUR HAIR."
Koumei fell asleep. What happened during that period he had no memory of it.


"Go! Go propose!" Kouha smiled has he pushed him out of the room.


"Tell Kira to Come see me in the main Palace Entrance." Koumei ordered a maid. As she left, he sighed loudly.

It was a very sunny afternoon. The soldiers-in-training bowed deeply as he walked past them. Koumei dismissed them with a wave of a hand. He hand to get it right. He had to. The training grounds was where kira first asked him out. It doesn't seem very romantic but it was really romantic at the time.

Moments later, Kira came to the training ground with a gigantic smile on her face that seemed to stretch from ear to ear.

"Hello, koumei! How are you doing on this fine afternoon??" She said teasingly, putting her arms around your waist. "Koumei, are you wearing make-up? *giggle* that's so cute! And that hair style! It's so...Unique!"

She pushed a small lock of black hair behind her ear, putting a hand over her eyes to shield them from the overly-bright sun.

"Yes. Do you like it?" Koumei asked, trying to create an opening. "Well, it's a change. I'm sure It'll grow in me." That means she doesn't like it.

"You don't like it?" He said, feeling like he wasted hours of time sitting in kouha's room as he put random powders on your face.

"No, no, no! I...okay I don't like it. I like your natural face better!" She said quickly.

Koumei sighed. He wanted this to be perfect. But he to try anyways. "Kira, will you-"

"Hey kira~" It was Judar. Flying down from his magic carpet.

Koumei had no idea why today, Everyone kept on cutting off your sentences. It was like the universe was giving him a nice middle finger.

"I thought you couldn't fight. Why are you here?"

"I dunno. Koumei asked me to see him here."

"Lame~ c'mon Koumei, finish your sentence!"

"HEY THAT'S SABOTAGE!!!" Kouha quickly ran up to the party.


"No one said anything about that!"

This went on for awhile. He couldn't propose in front of everyone! He had to pick a better time, where no one would interfere...No such place exists in the royal palace.

Koumei decided to slip away while kira was distracted by Judar and Kouha. He walked slowly back to his office.

He had a shit ton of documents to go through, Koumei was behind schedule because of the amount time he spent (and failed) trying to propose.


A good three hours passed, yet there was still work to be done. Exhausted, he fell asleep, unaware that he knocked over the ink well.

When Koumei woke up, he found his face splotched with ink. 'Fuck.'

He ran quickly to his water basin, trying his hardest to get them off his face. Most of it came off but, there were still light splotches on his face. 'Well, I'm screwed.'

Um, To be continued. Yes, I have been very inactive. I'm trying to make this one shot extra long to make up for it. So yay. Two parts. The next part, the ending, might range from 500-1000 words. Just a question, you guys actually like the shit I write? I've changed the perspective and I hope you like the change? Next time, it'll be in Not a Kurogane's perspective. Well, have fun being A Amelia Pond, the doctor will come back. Promise. If you got that reference, we are best friends.

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