Sharrkan x Reader for: Cori-Chan

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"(Name)!" You see Alibaba running towards you with Sharrkan on his shoulder. "What happened?!" You rush over to sharrkan, who has a deep cut in his back. "Al Tharmen is attacking Sindria!" "What!?" "Never mind that, fix up him up!" And with that, Alibaba leaves. 'Fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck..' you try your best to heal him with your healing magic. But it only stoped the bleeding. You were a nurse in the Sindrian palace. Just not a very good one. The doctor you were shadowing was out. "Just hold on! I'm going to get the needle and thread!" At this point Sharrkan was sure he was going to die. You were looking frantically in the medical drawer for alcohol. "Found it!" You gave a stick for him to bite on. "On a count of" you poured the alcohol on him. "Ahhh!"

(Time skip!)

    "There!" You were covered in blood. But it didn't matter. Sharrkan was living. You looked at him. He was sleeping. You bursh away the hair that was covering his face. You had a tiny crush on Sharrkan. But you knew that he had a crush on Yamariha and she was in denial that she liked him. You stayed in your lane and quietly watched they flirted with each other. It hurt but what could you expect? You were just the nurse with a crush on a general. "Mmm..." Sharrkan held your hand. "Don't leave me.." you were pulled towards him. He rests his head on your chest. 'Fuuuck!' You fell alsleep, surgery is tiring.

(Time skip!)

You wake up alone. Sharrkan had left. You sought out to find him. "Sharrakan?" You start running. "Sharrakan!?" You look door to door for him. He was not in good enough condition to be up and running. 'Fuckkk' "Sharr-" you ran in to Masur. "Masur?" He stares down at you. "What is the Sindrian Nurse doing here?" "Well, even though the war is over, Sharrkan was hurt and i healed him but, he shouldn't be up yet!" You explain. "Oh. He's training with Alibaba." He says, monotonicly. "*sigh*  That dumbass.. Anyway thank you!" You start running for the training area that they frequently train at.

(Time skip. Sorry for all the time skips :c)

"SHARRKAN!" You scream at him. You were pissed. There was NO WAY he was gonna get off easy. "Shit..Um hey, (name)!" "What do you thing you're doing? You should be resting! For god sakes, that cut was deep!" You scold him. Why was he so reckless? Dosen't he care about getting hurt at all? "You could rip your stitches! You can get an infection! For god sakes, you could start bleeding again!" Alibaba slowly backed away from the scene. "Yeah but.." the man looks away. "But then you would get to patch me up again! You are a great nurse." He tries to his best to calm you down with complements-which was not working. You slap him. Hard. You started crying. "Don't you care at all? You are so Reckless! I can't believe you!" You run away to hide in you favorite place. The courtyard.

The oak tree held your back as you wept silently. The wind seemed to sing along with your sobs. Sharrkan walked slowly towards the sound of your sobs. "(Name)..." You get up and started to walk the other way. "Wait (name)!" He grabs your arms. "Why are you so mad?" He was on the verge of crying. "Because! You don't care about yourself enough! You rush into battle to fight for people but you hardly give an damn about your condition!" He hugs you. "(Name), i may not care about myself but i do what i think is right. And what i think is right, right now is..." he pulls away for a second. "That i love you. I would risk my life to be with you." You stopped crying. "Sharrkan, i love you more than anything!" He picks you up, bridal style. "Hey, the festival is going to start anytime now. Lets go rub this in everyone's in everyone's faces!" Before you could say anything, he dashes off towards the other generals. You were filled with bliss and red with embarrassment

Bonus! : (5 years later) "Sheri get back here!" You were chasing off after your kids. They were a handful. 'Dammit! Wheres Sharrkan!' "I'm home!" "Daddy!" You sighed in relief that your husband had come home. "Sharr, welcome back." You collapse on to a chair. "How were the kids?" He massages your neck. "Like usual, rowdy." He smiles and kisses your cheek. "Well, they will always be our little munchkins." "Daddy, what are munchkins??" Your daughter asks, eyes wide with curiosity. "Um..Hey! Whats for dinner!" He quickly changes the subject. "*sigh* lets go." You get up and starts cooking.

a/n: sorry if this wasn't to your liking but i tried my best to write about him! I still hoped you enjoyed this cori-chan!

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