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Cameron and I were on our way to a movie right now. We didn't know what movie we were going to see yet but I told Cam it was his choice. Being in a hospital for the past 3 years gave me no opportunity to watch any new movies, let alone know any of the ones coming out.

We've arrived at the movie theater and Cameron helps me get out of his white truck, like a gentleman and takes my hand as we walk into the theater.

"2 tickets to Fifty Shades of Grey please." Cam says with a mischevious smirk to the ticket guy.

"Here you go Mr. Dallas. Your reserved theater will be on your right."

I look up to him with a confused look but he does nothing but continues to smirk at me. I didn't know what the smirk was about, but something told me it had to do with the movie he chose.

As we walk away from the ticket booth we hear a couple screams and gasps behind us as we walked to the concession stand. Cameron turns around and is attacked by 3 girls group hugging him, almost knocking me over as they rushed to his side, seperating his and I's grip on each other.

"Hello girls." He laughs a little as they continue to freak out.

"I bet you guys want a picture?" I smile at the 3 fans.

"Sure, but who are you?" One gives me a sassy tone.

"I'm just a friend of the guys." I try to say as convincingly as possible and am handed the one fan's phone, already on camera mode.

Without any more questions, one by one, they take a picture with Cameron and hand me each of their phones. I thought they were going to leave after that, but the one fan had another idea.

"Cameron, before we go, can I touch your hair?" She shyly speaks out, but I don't blame her. Touching Cam's hair is surely what I want to do every second of my day if I could. (Note my sarcasm)

He laughs, seeming a little weirded out. "Sure?"

The girls runs her fingers through his hair. I watch her other hand begin to sneak down around his back, heading towards his butt.

"Hey!" I shout before I could take another second to think about what I was saying, but it was too late.

"What?" She whips around, red in the face because she knew she was being caught.

"You know what you were about to do." I try to laugh it off but they all just gave me a nasty look on their face.

"Bye Cameron" They all say in unison before walking away, whispering to each other, probably telling each other how much they want me dead or just how much they hate me. I don't blame them.

Cameron takes my hand again as we walk again to the concession stand across the lobby.

"So what was that all about? What was she about to do?"

"Touch your butt." I laugh.

"Oh! It wouldn't be the first!" He laughs with me as we approach the concession line. "I don't mind. Let them enjoy themselves." He admits and my laugh calms down a little.

I raise my eye brow at him and cross my arms in a teasing way. "I don't want anyone to touch you like that." I couldn't help but crack a small smile, to show him I was joking. Well... not completely.

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