Episode 32

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The door opened in front of Joe revealing his date for tonight. He smiled leaning in giving her a kiss on the cheek helping her down the one step out of her house, they begun making their way down the path Joe holding onto her hand as they go. He opened the car door open for her Demi thanking him before sitting down, Joe jogs over to the driver's side getting in himself, they were soon off on the way to a restaurant.

"It's hard to find a dress to wear when you have a twenty one week bump." Demi laughed to herself as Joe joined in but he held her hand only letting go to change gear then his hand was straight back onto hers which was leaning on her thigh.

"You did well then cause you look beautiful." Joe complimented Demi smiling.

"Not bad yourself." Demi replies.

Joe and Demi soon made it to a restaurant, it didn't look expensive but it didn't look tacky or cheap which was what Demi liked. They took a seat and ordered their meals and drinks before continuing to another conversation, learning more about each other like their high school life. They both wanted a good night tonight and are prepared to make that happen, they deserved to be happy after everything that has happened and what will be happening in the future.

"You were bullied?" Joe inquired Demi nodding her head. "What for?"

"Just anything they could find to pick at me with. I was at a low at high school and started self harming, not eating but my parents and best friends picked up on the change and helped me through it. Don't worry though I haven't cut since and I love food too much now to give it up again." Demi explained the  two of them laughing before Joe carried the conversation on.

"How long have you known Selena for then?" Joe questioned.

"Since before Kindergarten, our mom's were best friends so we grew up with each other having no choice but to become best friends, I love her though, she's crazy. Nick has been dating her since he transferred to our school in senior year." They thanked their waitress when she came over with their meals but they make no attempt to stop speaking to each other.

"My little brother was always the ladies man." Joe spoke placing a bit of pasta in his mouth. Demi couldn't help but laugh at his statement.

"Thanks for tonight, I had a great time." Demi tells him as she turns around leaning against her door slightly. Her feet were starting to ache and she had only walked from the car to the door. Joe smiled giving her a hug Demi hugging back, she honestly never imagined when she first met him she'd end up going on a date with him, she thought she would just never see him again but she was happy that they could do this even if it didn't work out.

"You're welcome and I'm glad, I had a good time too," Joe replied pulling away from her, he leaned down pressing his lips onto hers Demi soon kissing back but it didn't last much longer then that Joe pulling away pecking her lips one last time before pulling away from her completely. "Sleep well, I'll see you tomorrow at mom's house." He says knowing she had invited everyone over for dinner including Demi's parents, it would give her a chance to thank everyone for that they had done for her and her daughter.

"Bye." Demi replied walking into her house Joe only leaving when he heard the door lock. Demi wondered up the stairs after making sure everything was secure and locked. She changed into something a little more comfortable to sleep in before laying down on her bed, she came face to face with a photo frame. Joe could never replace him but Demi knew that he could definitely help her get over him that little bit more.


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