Chapter Fifty- Please Explain

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This should be interesting. We walked to the kitchen so I can finish feeding them. I gave Kaden his sippy cup and went to sit down with Kassidy to finally feed her. I knowy poor baby is hungry. Michael sits on the chair across from me and then nothing just silence.

Kassidy is almost done with her bottle and he still hasn't said anything yet. My curiosity is killing me. Why is he here? What do he want? How did he find me? All those questions running through my mind and finally he opens his mouth to talk. "Kaia...."

When he finally decides to start saying something Kaden whines to get out his high chair. I put Kassidy in her car seat wipe Kaden face and clean up his mess. I pick him up and pick up the car seat with Kassi in it and start walking to the living room.

"Well aren't you coming Michael?"

I put Kaden in his playpen and pick Kaia back up. Michael sit in the arm chair and I sit on the sofa. I hope he doesn't keep this awkward silence any longer.

" I know that me coming here is weird and unexpected. But I seen the headlines in just wanted to make sure you are okay. I was coming to Miami anyway when I seen on the blogs that you are here I decided to stop by and check on you. You probably thinking why care now but I think my mom and grandma really did knock some sense into me. I was so horrible to you when you were nothing but nice. I didn't come here hoping that you would give me a second chance in a romantic relationship but I would love to have a second chance as just a friend. I know you need one right now and so do I. You don't have to decide to be my friend right now but just know that I'm always a phone call or a text message away."

"Michael. I honestly don't even know where to start. You broke me so bad during and after we were together . You humiliated me for millions to see and now that your mother and grandmother knocked some sense into you you want to be friends. I just don't see that happening. I need trustworthy friends and I can't trust you. My life is upside down right now and I don't eve  want to be around anyone but these two little people here.And of course someone rings my doorbell at the exact moment I say I don't want to be around anyone. Just hold on let me see who is at the door."

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