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The rolling credits of Gran Torino pop up on the screen as I rub my bloodshot eyes. I've seen this movie about eight times and it still left me in a sad mess. I yawn into the sleeve of my sweatshirt and give my legs a good stretch, given the limited legroom. I check in with my surroundings. Levi is still up and at it with his paperwork, the lights in the cabin are dim, and the seatbelt sign is off. Wait, the seatbelt sign is off? Hell yeah! I really need to pee.

I turn to the side and face Levi. He notices me shift in my seat, but his eyes remain glued to the monstrous stack of papers in front of him.

"What is it, y/n." He mumbles, pushing his reading glasses up with his long middle finger.

"Can I use the bathroom."

"I don't know, can you?" He automatically replies. Of course, the classic teacher joke. He smirks and looks up at me, and I greet him with a lovely scowl that could kill. I wasn't in the mood for jokes. A girl gotta pee. His smirk quickly fades away and he takes the hint.

"Sorry. Stupid joke. Go ahead." He quickly gathers his papers and unbuckles his seatbelt. He stands up with a low groan, and stretches as he clears a path for me.

"Hah. Hah. You know what? You're really funny, Mr. Ackerman." I give him a sarcastic laugh and flash him a fake smile. My scowl quickly returned as I got up from my seat and made my way past him.

"Oh I know. And you always love my jokes. Isn't that right." I hear Levi snicker behind me.

"What did you say?" I whip my head around and stop dead in my tracks. He fakes a confused look, and turns to look behind him. He pretends to search for someone, as if he wasn't the one that said it. Levi faces me again and gives me a shrug. I grow even more irritated.

"Hm? I didn't say anything. Wasn't me." He says with a glint in his eye. His bottom lip juts out into an innocent little pout. Is he literally fucking 12 years old? I can't believe this man is my English professor. I huff and cross my arms. The side of his mouth turns upwards into a subtle smirk, and he falls back into his seat.

"You better hurry. We're landing soon." He calls out. Oh, bite me. I storm through the aisle and find my way to the tightly-spaced bathroom. I finally do my business all pissed off and annoyed. What's with the sudden small talk? We haven't spoken a word to each other in a year, and now he wants to act all cocky? As I wash my hands, my mind starts to trail off. I don't know why, but some part of me actually enjoyed the idea of him teasing me again. I stare at myself in the mirror and shake my head.

Y/n. You're playing with fire. You and him can't happen again. You're getting too comfortable.

He even said it himself. There's no future for him and you.

My thought gets stalled by the bright seatbelt light flashing on. An announcement shortly follows.

"Aloha, flight 2835. We are honored to welcome you to the paradise state, Hawai'i! The local time is 7:35am. We will begin our descent shortly. As with every descent, comes rough air. We will be expecting some turbulence, so we advise you to quickly return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you for choosing to fly with us."

I snap out of my mood and pat my face down with a towelette. You have a whole vacation waiting ahead. You literally get to spend it with your twin flame, Sasha. There's no time to trip about the state of your relationship with Levi. I hype myself up and redirect my mindset. This is good for you, y/n.

─ ✧ ─

The plane hits a rough patch of air just as I exit the bathroom, making me wobble all over the place. I catch my balance and make my way through the shaky aisle. I was clumsy as fuck, and this didn't help. I finally make my way to my seat, and hover over Levi, grabbing the back of his seat. The turbulence was getting worse.

"May I sit down please." I get right to the point and make sure I don't provoke any small talk with him. There's nothing he could say to this.

"Ah, now that's how you properly ask for things. You learn so quick." He gives a throaty chuckle as he rises from his seat. I had to back up so my face didn't ram into his chest. I grow red and my entire body gets hot. Cocky little son-of-a-bitch. He has an answer for everything.

"Ugh! Why are you acting so-" The plane suddenly jerks, and I get thrown forwards. I accepted my fate, that I was going to eat the seat in front of me and get utterly humiliated, but I felt gentle hands wrap around my waist. I crash into a strong chest. I let out a small gasp as I take in my knight in shining armor.

"So...what?" Levi looks down at me, with parted lips.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Authors Note:
lawd jesus im so sorry for ghosting this fanfic. i had so much on my plate and ya girl was really going through it. thank you for being patient. sry for the short chapter, i got some more stuff cookin up for you guys soon, don't worry. -t <3

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