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[picture Levi's classroom looking like this^]

The lights dim in the plane and I feel myself drifting off into a deep sleep...

─ ✧ ─

disclaimer: it's important to know that y/n's dream is actually a flashback of her past with Levi. It happened, and it was real.

─ ✧ ─
*y/n's dream*

"...which shows the early signs of Mr. Darcy's interest with Elizabeth." Levi finished as he closed his book and removed his reading glasses. The bell shortly followed, echoing across the entire classroom. Students began packing up and a chorus of rustling papers and zippers erupted.

"Finish up the Pride & Prejudice notes. You'll need them to complete your essay. Have a good lunch." Levi raised his voice among the chaos. Side conversations filled the room as my classmates got up to leave. With the majority of my classmates already out the door, the room got quieter and emptier. A few stragglers remained, taking their time to leave. Eventually, it was just Levi and I.

"Did you enjoy the lesson?" He questioned with his back faced to me. He had on a white button-up and paired it with a maroon tie. He wore perfectly fitted slacks, leather dress shoes, and a black belt. No matter the occasion, he always looked so put-together.

Levi rolled up his sleeves to his elbows and reached for the whiteboard eraser. Wiping the board accentuated the two long veins running down his forearm, and I caught myself staring. I shook my head and redirected my attention to my backpack.

"Eh, could've been better. I hate when you call on me randomly, you know." I joke as I stuff my notebook into my backpack.

"Is that so? Maybe if you weren't spacing out every second, I would go a little easier on you." He let out a light chuckle, still focused on the whiteboard.

"You never go easy on me." I mumble, low enough so he couldn't hear. I got up from my seat and slowly made my way down the steps towards his desk. Oh how I loved his classroom. High ceilings, hardwood accents, and various windows for natural sunlight. It always smelled like a new book and the strong aroma of the tea he would brew in class. Every day he had a different flavor. My friends made it into a game: Who Could Name The Tea Flavor? None of us could get it right, his love for tea far exceeding our knowledge. One thing was for sure though: He never drank the same flavor twice in one week.

I made it to the floor and found an empty spot on his desk. I hopped over his desk and sat on top, watching him erase for a bit. His Hydroflask was conveniently placed by my side, and I took a sip.

"Ooh, is this Chamomile?"

"Earl Grey."

"Same thing." I swung my legs back and forth and resumed watching him set up for his next class. We enjoyed each other's silent company. Neither of us felt like we had to speak and it was never awkward.

Levi had three whiteboards in total, and it took around thirty minutes to fully prep for his next class. This man was insane when it came to cleanliness and organization. On a normal day, I would sit back and watch him clean, occasionally chiming in and making small conversation. But today, I felt like helping the guy out. I mean, I was just bored.

I got to work on the second whiteboard. He didn't seem to mind since he handed me his extra eraser. It was therapeutic, really. Both of us were silent except for the muffled wiping and the occasional squeak of the whiteboard marker. The sunlight streamed in and illuminated the room, making it warm and cozy. I enjoyed these intimate moments with him.

I was just about to finish when I heard quiet footsteps slowly approach me. I didn't turn around and figured that Levi just wanted to take a peek on my progress. But the footsteps came closer and closer. I could tell he was behind me, the hardwood floor squeaking underneath his foot, just inches away from me. My heart was beating out of my chest as I felt the gap between us getting smaller. Levi gently placed his hand on my right shoulder. I felt him lean in, his chest barely touching my back.

"You missed a spot." He whispered softly into my ear. My entire body shuddered as I felt his breath on the tip of my ear. I was frozen, too tense to move. Levi...

He lightly touches my left forearm, his cold hand giving me goosebumps. He pauses for a moment, studying my reaction, which felt like forever. His hand slowly made it's way down my arm again and stopped at my wrist. He wrapped his fingers around mine and guided my hand to the spot that I missed.

"Look up." He whispers lowly. I refuse to look up, my body still frozen. He takes his right hand and places it underneath my chin, tilting my head upwards. I see the spot I missed, and it was barely visible. Just a small speck of dust.

Levi removed his hand from mine, and opened his mouth slightly. He took his hand and proceeded to swipe his thumb across his tongue. He reached over to the spot I missed and wiped it away with his thumb. His chest pressed against me during the process, and I grew red. I didn't want him to leave.

Levi suddenly backed away from me, a cold feeling replacing my back. My heart sunk and I grew frantic, wanting to fill the part of me that wanted more.

"Wait-" I practically whine. I grab his hand and pull him back towards me. I gaze into his grey eyes before-

"Y/n..." I felt a soft tap on my shoulder.

I wanted to ignore it, but it was too late. My dream started fading away, and I couldn't feel Levi in my hands. The low hum of the airplane grew louder in my ears, and the classroom, along with Levi, drifted away.

"Y/n..." Another tap on the shoulder. I squirm in my seat and let out a small whine. With my eyes still shut, I turn in my seat and face the window. Fuck off.

I thought he would take the hint and leave me alone, but I felt a finger poke my cheek. The cold touch gave me a shock back into reality, and I squirmed even more. Did this motherfucker just-

I finally give in and turn back around. I rub my eyes, slowly opening them. I'm greeted with his own eyes, harsh, but intently studying me.

"Whh- what do you need." I slur, still groggy from my dream. I felt completely dazed. I was just in his classroom a second ago...it felt so real.

"They're serving food."

I was no longer irritated. I mean, I couldn't be. He was generous enough to wake me up for food. I give a low-effort smile and thank him for waking me up. In no time, the flight attendants serve us a chicken katsu bento with rice and other delicious side dishes. We ate our food in silence and cleaned up our tray tables.

─ ✧ ─

Levi and I did our own thing and minded each other's business. He started to get work on papers, scribbling furiously and signing off on a bunch of things. I didn't want to sleep again, so I opted for a movie. The screen in front of me displayed all the movies the airlines provided, some of them new and some of them old. After two minutes of scrolling through A-Z, I couldn't find a movie that peaked my interest. I was about to give up when I landed on the "P" section. My eyes grew wide as I read one of the titles. This can't be real. Right in front of me, in bold letters. Haunting me.

Pride & Prejudice.

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Authors Note:
finally, some insight on y/n and Levi's past!

Thank you for reading, I give u more kisses mwah <3 Is this story going too slow? I don't know how fast I should pace this fanfic. Let me know fr

ily ily ily thank u again. my heart flutters every-time i read your comments...i literally get so giddy LMFAO.

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