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hey everyone, my good friend @sunaslittleslut influenced me to write this fanfic. Big ups to her!

this is my first fanfic, I wanted to experiment with my writing so I said fuck it
•i'll probably upload a chapter every other day. i'm not promising anything though, i suck at time management and i'm a student too :)
•this fanfic will not be rushed. hope you guys like slow burns ;)
•miss y/n isn't going to be 4'10 just so Levi can tower above her. nah we don't do that. Levi will be around the same height as her, and that's totally fine!
•she's also aged up. 22 to be exact
•i wanted to make y/n an "imperfect" main character. she doesn't look like madison beer or an instagram model. she has depression, anxiety, and faces many real life problems. I left her race and facial features blank (i tried my best not to describe any of her physical features) because they honestly don't matter lol. It's up to you to decide what she looks like.
•there are some triggering things in this fanfic, but i'll always include a TW at the beginning of a chapter if has some explicit content
•yes, there will be smut ya freaky animals
•if you came from tiktok, can i get an owa owa

hope you guys enjoy!! <3

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